FAQ: How To Sew Mitered Corner On A Hem?

How to sew mitered corners

The multiple folds along each edge pile up on top of each other and create an excess of fabric at the corner when hemming two edges that meet; mitered corners reduce the bulk, allow the edges to meet evenly, and look neat and tidy.


Half your hem allowance should be pressed to the wrong side on all edges, with the corners folded and pressed evenly. It will be bulky. Find the middle square formed by the folds and draw a line through its corners all the way across.

Sewn and Topstitched

The creases we’re aligning are traced in blue. Stitch along the crease, backstitching at the beginning and end. Cut off excess and clip top corner with a serger.

What does it mean to miter a corner?

A mitre joint (often called a miter joint in American English) is formed by cutting each of the two parts to be joined across the main surface at a 45u00b0 angle to form a 90u00b0 angle.

What shape is made when doing mitered corners?

A mitered corner can be made with a hand saw, circular saw, or table saw. If you’re interested in making basic picture frames or doing light work with trim and molding, consider investing in an inexpensive miter box, a tool that aids woodworkers in achieving accurate angles.

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