FAQ: How To Sew The Gather When Reupholstering Video?

How to reupholster a chair

I reupholstered our dining room’s two wingback chairs because I didn’t have the funds to hire a professional upholsterer, so I decided to do it myself and am sharing how I did it with you.

How to reupholster a wingback chair

Many of you have requested an upholstery video tutorial; many of these photos were taken with my phone while I was working on this project, and the quality isn’t great, but they are screen shots of the video.

How to reupholster a chair without removing old fabric

I used a staple gun, construction staples (1/2 u2013 1u2033), and our air compressor because technology was not advanced at the time this video was shot.

How to reupholster a chair with or without pipingĀ 

I decided to upholster the “outside” arm piece separately to cover any gaps and give the chair a more “finished” look. See how I cut a long piece (rectangular shape) leaving enough fabric to fold inward so you get a clean edge showing on the outside in the July issue of Woman’s Day Magazine.

Reupholster dining chair

I used about 8 yards of fabric per chair, and the entire dining room and these wingback dining chairs were featured in the January issue of Woman’s Day Magazine. The new dining room wingback chair is modern, sleek, and adds a punch of color to the room.

How do you sew fabric gathers?

How to always get perfect gathers.

  1. Change the stitch length on your machine.
  2. Step 2: Change the bobbin thread to a different color.
  3. Step 3: Sew a straight stitch 1/4u2032u2032 from the edge of the fabric.
  4. Step 4: Stop and drop the needle into the fabric about 1/4u2032u2032 from the end.
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Which stitch is used to gathered fabric?

A wide zigzag stitch with a sewing machine is now a quick and easy way to make a gather. Both the upper and lower threads are pulled long and placed in front of the sewing machine, and then zigzagging is carefully sewed over top of the two threads without catching the threads as it is sewn.

What does clipping mean in sewing?

Clipping the seam allowance during sewing entails cutting localized notches or wedges on the inside of the seam allowance to release tension along curves, V-shapes, and other tight areas of the garment without sacrificing durability and long-term wear.

What is the difference between shirring and gathering?

Shirring is formed by multiple rows of gathers and is a way to create controlled fullness, such as at a waistline, cuffs, or a bodice yoke. Gathering is drawing up fullness into a predetermined size smaller area.

How do you hand sew ribbon on fabric?

Ribbons sewn by hand:

  1. Bring a threaded needle to the front of the background fabric to form slipstitches.
  2. Add a small bead to each slip stitch to add extra detail to the ribbon.
  3. Add a tiny ric-rac along the edges and embellish with contrasting color thread and a slip stitch!

Does ruching hide belly?

Draping and ruching are your friends. Draping (when the fabric is gathered and sewn down) and ruching (when the fabric is gathered and sewn down) are both effective ways to conceal extra weight in the tummy area. Too much gathered fabric at your tummy will make you look like you’re wearing a curtain and will add bulk.

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How much extra fabric do I need for gathering?

For sheer, lightweight fabrics, a ratio of three or four to one is common; for most medium weight fabrics, a ratio of one and a half to one works; and for heavier fabrics, a ratio of one and a half to one works. The gathered samples shown here all started with a strip of fabric 18″ long.

How do you sew ruffles?

  1. Determine the width of your ruffle.
  2. Cut out your ruffle pieces.
  3. Sew your ruffle pieces together on both ends with a seam.
  4. Sew a hem around the bottom of your ruffle pieces.
  5. Set your machine tension to the highest setting and change your stitch length to a gathering stitch.

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