FAQ: Nx 12 How To Sew Surfaces Into Solid?

How to convert a closed surface to a solid

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How do you use NX in sew command?

How to use the sew command on a Siemens nx.

  1. Select: Sheet to sew two sheet bodies together. Solid to sew two solid bodies together.
  2. Left click to select target body solid or sheet.

How do you change dimensions in NX?

  1. Menu > Preferences > Sketch. Toggle OFF, Continuous Auto Dimensioning.
  2. Common > Line/Arrow > Extension Line. Change Extension Line Gap.
  3. View > Common > Hidden Lines. Use the Drop Down to set the.
  4. Dimension > Text > Units. Set the Decimal Delimiter to.

How can I make my body solid?

To make a solid body, select all of your model’s edges, sketches, or curves, then check the “create solid” box. The boundary surface feature works similarly to the other surfaces feature in that it creates a solid body with enclosed surfaces or a closed volume for a volume.

Can we generate solid bodies from line bodies?

Try opening your geometry in Desing Modeler, then “Create”->” Body Operation” > Select the surface body -> change the “create solids ” to “yes” and “merge bodies ” to “yes” after you’ve generated it.

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How do you convert inches to mm in NX?

NX expressions enable you to convert values as you type them into value fields, as shown below. To change the units, follow these steps:

  1. Change the units from inches to millimeters in Analysis->Units.
  2. Measure the length again, and the popup will be in millimeters.
  3. Measure the diameter of a hole… millimeters as well.

How do you override dimensions in NX drawing?

The main option for dimension overriding is hidden deep in the Settings menu: click on your dimension, go to Settings u2014> Text u2014> Format, check the Override Dimension Text checkbox, then click the “A” button to insert the value you need in the next window.

How do you show dimensions in NX?

The command is hidden by default in NX 9 and newer, but it can be accessed from the top border bar menu: Insert> Dimension >Feature Parameters. If you’re not sure where to look, use the command finder.

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