How To Knit A Circular Scrubby?


  1. Start by casting on 18 stitches
  2. Knit the first row, which will serve as the foundation row
  3. Start the pattern rows with:
  4. Continue to repeat these two pattern rows a total of ten more times, for a total of twenty-two pattern rows
  5. Finish off, making sure to leave a long tail of one of the strands so that you may stitch it
  6. Creating a tube by sewing together the cast-on edge and the bound-off edge with a running stitch

How do you knit a scrubby?

Instructions Throughout the entirety of the design, keep the two strands of yarn connected. CO 15-20 sts (depending on the desired size of your scrubby) In the first row, knit across using one stitch for knitting across both strands of yarn. Knit across Row 2, working through both strands of yarn as one stitch. Row 2: Carry on stitching in garter st.

How do you make a simple scrubby?

Making a Simple Scrubby by Knitting For a more substantial scrubby, hold two strands together. Make a slipknot. Bring up the first 15 stitches. Knit on the front and back of the first row. Knitting should continue while you turn the work. Continue knitting the scrubby until it reaches the size you want it to be. Finish the last row by binding it off.

What kind of yarn do you use for a scrubby?

″With the help of this easy and entertaining design, you can knit a scrubby that has a circular shape, much like the common crocheted kind. Either one of the scrubby yarns that are now available could be used to make it, or cotton yarn may be used instead.

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What kind of yarn do you use to make Scrubbies?

Tulle, which is a netting fabric that is typically used in the creation of tutus, is the sort of yarn that is ideal for making scrubbies. Scrubbies made of tulle may also be purchased rather frequently, but it is simple to crochet your own scrubbies using rolls of tulle. The most common kind is made of nylon, and it’s used to make netting.

Can you knit dishcloths with acrylic?

To make dishcloths, is acrylic yarn suitable to use? Acrylic is not a material that is recommended for use in dishcloths due to the fact that it does not last very long and can be irritating to the skin.

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