How To Knit Afterthought Heel Socks?

Afterthought heels are versatile enough to be utilized in either top-down or toe-up sock construction. The fundamental concept is to knit up to the point where you want the heel to be located. After that, you take a piece of waste yarn and knit across the stitches that make up the heel. Keep going with the knitting on the remaining portion of the sock.

How to start the afterthought heel after knitting the leg?

After finishing the leg, I’ve reached the point where I can begin the afterthought heel.I’ve started knitting a basic sock from the top down using stockinette stitch and yarn that stripes itself.The magic loop technique was used to knit these socks, but the techniques provided may be used to any sock that is knit in the round.2.

Knit half of the stitches in your row.Nothing special, just knit them as you would anything else!3.

Can you knit socks from the toe up?

If, on the other hand, the sock is knitted from the toe up, the stitches will be off by half a stitch at the point where the leg and the heel meet (because the heel stitches are the running threads between stitches). It may be challenging to pick up the stitches for the heel of the sock if the leg and/or foot of the sock were knit using a pattern that included stranding the yarn.

Why are knit socks so easy to replace?

Because the knitting is kept in a distinct piece from the sock’s leg and foot, it is simple and quick to change these components. The heel can be unraveled or cut out, and then the living stitches can be picked up to begin knitting a new heel in its place. Alternatively, the heel can be cut out and raveled instead.

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