How To Knit Belt Loops?

Loop-and-buttonhole stitch done by hand and layered over strands of thick thread. Use a thick thread such as Coats & Dual Duty XP Heavy, Jeans Thread, or Coats Button & Craft Thread to construct belt loops by hand. This is the recommended method. Place three to four strands of thread across the region where you want the belt to be positioned (i.e. the garment waistline or hipline).

How to knit a loop in knitting?

The process of knitting a loop.Take note, those who knit with their right hands should follow these instructions.FIRST STEP: Work your way up to the place of the loop in the pattern you are using.Continue knitting into the next stitch, being careful not to let the previous stitch slip off the needle.The second step is to move the yarn that is being worked with forward between the two needles.STEP 3: With your thumb, place it on the yarn that is now being worked.

How do you put a loop on a belt?

Place each loop so that its centre is centered on the waistline, and then pin it to the belt. Take one of the loops and insert a sewing pin all the way into the center of it. After that, make use of it to secure the loop to the waistline in a vertical position. Adjust the position of the loop so that the top edge of it is flush with the top of the belt.

How do you attach a belt to a pair of pants?

As a general rule, you should position two loops on the front of the belt, two loops on the side seams, and one loop in the middle of the rear of the belt.If you are going to attach more than 5 loops, you need to make sure that the spacing between each of the other loops is the same.It is imperative that you remember to tuck the ends of the loops under.Stitch the loops onto the pants using straight stitches that span the ends of each loop.

Can I sew over a loose belt loop?

If the loop detached from the belt without causing any damage to the belt, you may skip the step of reattaching the loop to the belt and stitching up the hole in it.

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