How To Knit Garter Stitich?

  1. Instructions Begin knitting by completing the first stitch. Since knitting in garter stitch consists only of knit stitches, the first step after casting on is to begin knitting the first stitch
  2. Wrap the Yarn Around the Needle in the Correct Position. Wrap the yarn you are currently working with around the right needle. Wrap in a counterclockwise direction using the yarn that is coming in between the two needles
  3. Move the Needle to the Front of the Line. Move the right needle under the left needle until it catches the wrapped yarn and moves to the front of the work
  4. Pull the Completed Stitch Away from the Needle. Move the stitch from the left needle to the right needle such that the freshly finished stitch is now on the right needle
  5. Carry on working through all of the knit stitches. After you have knit each stitch across the row, flip your work and knit each stitch across the row that you just created. Carry on working in garter stitch by repeating this method

What is a 2 stitch garter selvage?

  1. In point of fact, quite a few additional stitches and patterns make use of a garter selvage of two stitches to prevent the work from curling (typically stockinette stitch ).
  2. You can knit a garter stitch by knitting purl stitches across all rows in addition to knitting garter stitches.
  3. This technique, which produces the same fabric as regular garter stitch, is dubbed the ″reverse garter stitch.″

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