How To Knit Magic Knot?

Magic Knot – Tutorial First, as indicated in the diagram below, stack the two ends of the yarn so that one is on top of the other, and then fold the yarn that is on top (shown as green in the diagram) over the other (pink).Step 2: Slide the green end beneath the pink one until it clicks into place.The next step is to tie a basic knot by placing the green end of the yarn on top of the green yarn.

What is a magic knot in knitting?

This particular kind of knot creates a rather solid union all by itself. The two knots draw closer and closer together until they are butting up against one another. When I need to incorporate a fresh skein of yarn into my project, I frequently turn to the ″magic knot.″ My second preferred method for joining yarn consists of just yarning over into the new yarn.

How do you join yarns together with the magic knot?

The Magic Knot is a method for joining yarn that involves sliding two existing knots together.The working yarn should be laid out horizontally at the top.Place the new yarn so that it runs parallel to the old one.Check that the yarns are running parallel to one another with their tails pointing in opposing directions.

Bring the tail of the working yarn (blue) over the new yarn (black), causing them to cross over each other.

How do you tie a knot in yarn?

When dealing with yarn, it is of the utmost importance to be able to tie a safe knot as swiftly as is humanly feasible. Place the two pieces of yarn you are working with next to one another, and then squeeze them between your thumb and fingers approximately a quarter of an inch from the end of each piece of yarn.

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Can you use a knot in yarn for socks?

You may still use this connect even if your yarn is unable to resist a significant amount of straining, but you will need to be extra careful while pulling at the knot (Step 5) If you want it to work properly for socks, though, you need avoid putting the knot where your foot would normally be.When I did that mistake the first time, I could feel a little rock in my sock.It was embarrassing.

How secure is magic knot knitting?

It is safe, and it is an additional method for avoiding the necessity of weaving in loose ends. Some things to think about with regard to the magic knot include the fact that it is NOT for making accurate color changes. It works really well with yarn that can withstand a little bit of tugging.

Does the magic knot ever come undone?

You are basically felting the two ends of the yarn together to produce an even connection. This will ensure that the join is smooth. This is a very helpful video that demonstrates how to perform a spit-splice. The Invisible Knot: It is, in fact, a mystical knot that can’t be undone in any way!

How do you join yarn using the magic knot method?


  1. Put the two strands you wish to connect together in front of you in such a way that their tails point in opposing directions
  2. Gather the left tail into your hand and lay it over the other yarn
  3. After that, pull the tail of that yarn beneath it
  4. Create a loop by bringing the tail end over the end that is standing
  5. Take the tail and thread it through the loop that is entering from below
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Does magic knot work with cotton yarn?

Because the magic knot has a propensity to untie itself in projects made with other materials when the finished product is put to use after it has been washed, cotton is the material that gives it the highest chance of success.

How many knots are allowed in a skein of yarn?

According to the rules of the industry, up to three knots per ball is considered to be acceptable. It all comes down to the milling process, and it’s not always an indication that the yarn in question is of poor quality.

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