How To Knit One K2Tog?

The K2tog technique broken down step by step

  1. In the same manner that you would normally knit a knit stitch, position the work so that it is in front of you while keeping the working yarn behind you
  2. Now, put the left end of your right needle through both loops of the first two stitches on your left needle
  3. Get the yarn that’s hanging up there
  4. The yarn has to be pulled through both stitches. Tip: I normally fixate both stitches using the middle finger on my left hand, and I use the tip of that finger as a surface to scrape the yarn over
  5. To remove both stitches from your left needle, just slip them off. In practice, it is identical to the conventional knit stitch, with the exception that it is worked through two loops

What is Yoyo and k2tog?

Yarn over is abbreviated as YO, and knit two stitches together is written as k2tog.This video is intended for knitters who are just starting off.I really hope that this video will be able to assist beginner knitters in understanding how to knit these stitches so that they may use them in their future projects.In lace knitting, the yo and the k2tog are frequently combined and used together to produce eyelets.

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