How To Knit Shawl Collar Pullover?

Your cardigan’s bottom left front corner is the perfect place to start knitting the shawl collar, so do that. The shoulder should be reached by increasing the number of stitches by two at the end of every three rounds. It is important to pick up each stitch as you go over the back of the neck.

What kind of rib stitch for a shawl collar cable pullover?

The sides of the pullover and sleeves are knitted using Broken Rib Stitch which offers an elongate and slender appearance. The ribbed hems and collar are knitted with a 2×2 ribbing for a rough effect. As a matter of fact, I worked very hard to have this shawl collar cable pullover knitting pattern journaled as I made it.

What kind of ribbing do you use for a collar?

For a more tough appearance, the ribbing hems and collar are knitted using a 2×2 ribbing pattern. In point of fact, I exerted a great deal of effort in order to keep a log of this shawl collar cable pullover knitting pattern while I was working on it.

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