How To Knit To Prima Doom Broken Age?

This section of the Broken Age Walkthrough will teach you how to reach Prima Doom.

  1. After the shields have been lowered, it is imperative that you pay a visit to the Friendship Circle. Grab the knitting hook or needle and remove it from the Yarn Pal’s groaning neck
  2. Find the robot that weaves the directions to the various worlds, and speak with it.
  3. Move the needle or hook from your inventory to the tapestry by dragging it there

How do you cut the air hose in Broken age?

Take the helmet off your head and have a look at the enormous crack in the wall. Applying the knife to the bottom frayed portion of the hose is the next step. You will now own the Small Piece of Hose if you do this.

How do you control the cargo boom arms in Broken age?

Get the pistol that shoots whipped cream, and fasten it to your outfit as well. You should get ready to leap into the air at this point. You are going to float over to the arm controls; thus, you should use the knife to pry open the safety hatch. After the door has been opened, Grabbin’ Gary should be removed and the controls should be given to him.

How do you get past the snake in Broken age?

As soon as you get close to the French horn, a Snake will spring out of it and start squeezing Shay.When anything like this occurs, you shouldn’t take any action and should wait for a while.After some time, the Snake will get unconscious, and when it does, you will be able to pick it up off the ground and add it to your inventory.Bring it to Marshall Dune and have him stand in front of it so that it may crush his throat.

How do you get radiation helmet in Broken age?

If you continue down the passage, you will find another AI that is adamant about shoving Shay into a radiation suit; however, the helmet is not present. If only his noggin were little enough to squeeze inside the baby helmet. wait a second! To put the infant helmet on Shay, open your inventory and drag it over there.

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How do you get the Fusion Orb in Broken age?

You may equip the Baby Helmet by opening your inventory and dragging it onto your head.(If you are unable to, you will need to use all three teleporters until Shay’s head is extremely small.Proceed to make your way around the ship by using the various teleporters in order, finishing with the yellow one.After passing through the blue security door, you will arrive at the Fusion Orb containment chamber on the lower level.

Where is the helmet in Broken age?

Baby Helmet is an item in Broken Age. You may find it at the Hall of Heroes on The Bassinostra, along with the Baby Spaceman Suit. It is possible to wear it after travelling through teleporters a few times without having to return to Shay’s original size in order to do so. In order to access The Fusion Orb Room, you need to have this with you.

What is the answer to the riddle in Broken age?

The answer may be found in the piece of Fruit that you now have in your inventory. If you give them the fruit, then you will be allowed to move on to the next region.

How do you make the tree vomit in Broken age?

Now hand over the blueprint to him and tell him, ″I believe sand would be the ideal material.″ You’ll end up with a sandy Superconductive Gyroscopic Hypercan if you let him. Take the right path, and place the sand building on top of the heap of tree poop. Then you must present the wanted poster to the talking tree, which will cause him to throw up all over your Hypercan.

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How do you get the peach in Broken age?

Continue on past Jessie until you reach a massive peach tree. To begin, head to the left side of the tree and grab a limb that is hanging low. One of the peaches will be dislodged and roll down the slope. The peach may be retrieved by going to the left after falling through the hole in the clouds that is located directly next to the tree.

How do you get Alex’s pencil in Broken age?

Because she requires a writing instrument, you should inquire with Alex in the pyramid about obtaining his space pencil. Then you should head back to Carol, hand the pencil over to her, and ask her for the diagram. 12.

How do you get the Hexipal to play the harp?

Carry the Hexipal into the music area and set him down next to the harp there. Now he’s going to play, and his diamond friends are going to hang around in here to watch him. This indicates that they will no longer stand in your way! 18.

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