How To Make A Drawstring Backpack No Sew?

No-Sew T-Shirt Drawstring Backpack

Cut slits into each side of the collar where the drawstring will go and pull the drawstrings through the inside of the bag through each side. Turn your shirt inside out and prepare the sleeves by cutting them into strips about 1/2″-1″ thick.

How do you make a homemade drawstring bag?

Detailed instructions

  1. Cut the Fabric Pieces.
  2. Prepare the Drawstring Channel Pieces.
  3. Pin and Sew the Outside, Channel, and Lining.
  4. Assemble the Drawstring Bag Sides.
  5. Cut Out the Corners to Make a Boxed Bottom.
  6. Match and Sew the Boxed Bottom Seams.
  7. Sew the Lining Closed.

What can I use for drawstring?

You can make a drawstring out of any piece of cord, trimming, ribbon, or fabric; ribbons are more feminine, while cords are better for projects that require sturdy fastenings, such as bags; you can also experiment with different colors and add your own personal touch by using contrasting materials.

How do you make a backpack out of a jacket?

Make a backpack out of a windbreaker jacket or sweater without sewing; if you have a few options, choose one that is baggier and less form fitting.

  1. Grab the end of a sleeve and a corner of the bottom of the windbreaker and tie a knot in the hood.
  2. The backpack is designed to be worn upside down.

How do you make a purse out of old T shirts?


  1. Step 1: Cut the sleeves off
  2. if you want to fold the t-shirt in half, cut both sleeves at the same time so they are identical.
  3. Step 2: Cut the neckline area.
  4. Step 3: Determine how deep you want the bag to be.
  5. Step 4: Cut fringe.
  6. Step 5: Tie Fringe.

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