How To Make Rings With Sew On Rhinestones?

Creating Rhinestone Jewelry

We’ve gathered thousands of jewelry-making components in one place to help you stay inspired and focused on your craft. These videos will teach you the basics of working with jewelry and crystals, and you can make your own custom jewelry at home by following along with these projects.

Can a Dremel drill through stone?

I frequently drill through glass, and this is the setup that works best for me and is the most efficient (it also works well for stones): I use a standard Dremel (or comparable brand) high-speed hand-held drill. Once you have your high-speed drill, you’ll need a chuck that can hold tiny drill bits.

How do you wire wrap stones without holes?

To wire wrap stones without holes, follow these steps:

  1. Place another wire about 6-8 inches long vertically over the two lengths of wire.
  2. Coil your vertical wire tightly and neatly a few times around your horizontal wires.
  3. Place your right wire end that you just wrapped over one of the horizontal wires and under the other.

What kind of wire do you need to make rings?

These gauges are good all-purpose, versatile wire sizes, thin enough to string on most beads but sturdy enough to hold their shape for making handmade chain, ear wires, eye pins, jump rings, and lightweight clasps if you use half-hard wire (or work-harden softer wire).

What are ring sizing beads?

A jeweler simply adds two small metal balls to the back part of the inside of your ring to make it smaller using sizing beads. Sizing beads are an inexpensive way to reduce the size of your ring by one half-size and they’re great for keeping your ring upright on your finger.

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How do you finish a beaded ring?

Secure the open end of your beaded ring by threading the free end of your wire through the loop you made to hold your centerpiece in place, then wrapping the excess wire around the band two or three times to secure it in place. Finish your beaded ring by cutting any leftover wire with your wire snips.

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