How To Sew 2 Triangles To A Square Unit?

HST Tutorial and Maths Formula – Blossom Heart Quilts

HSTs, or half-square triangles, are one of the most popular quilt block units; they can be made in any size and in any fabric, and I’ll show you how to make them using the two most popular methods, the traditional method and the alternative method, today.

Traditional Method

This method allows you to work with the fabric’s grain, reducing the risk of stretching; it’s also great for chain piecing, though it’s easy to lose track of which line you’re supposed to be sewing 1/4u2033 away from.

Alternative Method

This method uses larger squares of fabric, but you make four HST units out of them; it does create bias edges, but with careful pressing (don’t “iron” back and forth) and pinning if needed, you shouldn’t have any bias stress.

Compare The Pair

It’s up to you whether to use the traditional or alternative method of making HSTs for a quilting bee block. The alternative method is more fabric efficient the larger the triangles and the more you need to sew, but the traditional method is better if you’re comfortable with the bias edge.

How do you make two half square triangles?

Traditional Method: 2 at a Time Place two fabric squares right sides together and draw a diagonal line on the back of the lighter colored square from corner to corner. Next, sew two seam lines on either side of the diagonal line, each one 1/4u2032u2032 away from the line. Cut the two pieces apart along the diagonal line.

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What size do you cut half square triangles?

YouTube has more videos.

  1. To make a pieced square of half-square triangles, multiply the side of the square by 7/8 (e.g. finished square = 2, cut size of square is 3 3/8).
  2. Mark and sew. Draw diagonal line on wrong side of lighter square.

What are half square triangles?

Half square triangle units are squares made up of two 90-degree triangles, each of which takes up half of the square’s space. One popular method is to sew two squares of fabric together twice diagonally, then cut apart to make two identical HSTs.

How do you not lose points on half square triangles?

Cut along the drawn line, press the half square triangles, and square up the units to 1/2 inch larger than the finished block size, keeping the seam line along the 45 degree line on your ruler and the seam going right into the corner.

Can you make a square out of triangles?

Fold the tabs up so they point straight up, i.e. perpendicular to the triangle. Turn the triangle inside out to form a square by cutting along the interior lines in only one place. The other three tabs will act as hinges.

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