How To Sew A Skirt On A Dress?

How to Turn a Dress into a Skirt – The Happy Housewife™ :: Home Management

This easy sew tutorial is for you if you have a dress that needs to be updated. You don’t need to know how to sew to turn a dress into a skirt.


Using a 3/4-inch or 1-inch Elastic Safety Pin to attach an elastic safety pin to a dress is a great idea.


Make sure the top of the dress is smooth and the side seams are aligned before laying it out and marking a cutting line with a ruler and pins. Measure how long you want the skirt to be and mark a cutting line with a ruler and pins.

Sewing Steps to Turn a Dress into a Skirt

If you don’t have any extra dresses, go to your local thrift store and look for bargain dresses in your favorite patterns. It’s very easy to turn a dress into a skirt, and the best part is that even a beginner can do it.

Can I turn a dress into a skirt?

Maxi skirts are very popular, and with some basic sewing skills (and a sewing machine), you can turn a dress into a skirt. If you have dresses in your closet that you no longer wear, are too short, or are leftover from your maternity days, this easy sew tutorial is a great way to repurpose them.

How do you turn a pencil skirt into a dress?

Let’s get this party started!

  1. Place scrap paper underneath the pattern and trace along the edge of the pattern and the dart with a tracing wheel.
  2. Mark each pattern piece with a pen or pencil over the tracing lines.
  3. Cut along one dart leg.
  4. Tape the pieces together along the uncut dart leg.
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How do you make a long dress into a short dress without cutting it?

Simply turn the dress inside out and secure the bottom of the hem to the waist with a safety pin; repeat with the other side seam, and you’re ready to go! This process will save you a lot of time and allow you to go out into the world in your new, shorter dress in no time.

How do you tailor a skirt at home?

Fold the skirt in half vertically (along the center front or back) and line up the edges at the waist and hem. Press the skirt along the outside edge where the line is (you can’t see the line right now) to transfer the chalk from the side you drew it on to the side with no chalk.

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