Often asked: How To Make No Sew Fabric Pumpkins?

How to Make Fabric Pumpkins with Scrap Fabric (No-Sew!)

We were inspired by velvet decor pumpkins and wanted to recreate the look with materials found around the house, including leftover materials from our cardboard box storage bin and an old shirt destined for the thrift store.

How do you make a flannel pumpkin?

Start pressing fabric into the foam with sharp (closed) scissors, as shown in photo… no glue needed because fabric gets tightly wedged into foam pumpkin! Once wrapped, hot glue stem or stick into place on top of pumpkin.

How do you make a fabric pumpkin out of old socks?

To make fabric pumpkins, follow these steps:

  1. Step 1: Cut a tube out of the fabric.
  2. Step 2: Stitch the bottom side of the tube closed with floss.
  3. Step 3: Stuff your fabric pumpkin with rice and poly-fil.
  4. Step 4: Stitch the top of your fabric pumpkin and make sections with embroidery floss.

How do you make a paper pumpkin step by step?


  1. 1 Prepare the orange paper by:
  2. 2 Making 12 paper strips. a.)
  3. 3 Gluing 2 pairs of strips together.
  4. 4 Making a cross with the 2 long strips.
  5. 5Gluing 4 short strips.
  6. 6Gluing 4 more short strips.
  7. 7Punching a hole at the tips.
  8. 8 Making a stem.

How do you Mod Podge pumpkins?

Mod Podge Pumpkins for the Fall Season: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Step 1 u2013 Cut Your Paper. I cut my scrapbook paper into squares.
  2. Step 2 u2013 Add Your Mod Podge. I poured my Mod Podge into a small bowel and applied it with a sponge paint brush.
  3. Step 3 u2013 Smooth Your Pumpkin.
  4. Step 4 u2013 Add Your Stem.
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How do you decoupage a pumpkin with fabric?

Apply a small amount of decoupage medium to the surface of the artificial pumpkin with a one-inch artist brush. Press a strip of fabric into the wet glue. Brush a generous amount of decoupage medium over the fabric until it is fully saturated. Brush more medium on the pumpkin next to the fabric strip that was just glued.

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