Often asked: How To Sew A Patch Over A Hole By Hand On Jeans?

How to Sew Patches on Jeans by Hand

Trim any loose or fraying threads with scissors, and check along the edges of the rip for visible fuzz balls. When patching your jeans, you want the edges to be as smooth as possible.
Use fusible interfacing to line the perimeter of the hole and create a “frame” around the tear. Thread a sturdy sewing needle with a thread that matches the color of your jeans. Knot the thread every few stitches to keep the patch secure. Sew around the perimeter of your patch three times to ensure it’s secure.

How do you fix holes in jeans by hand?

Hand sewing is the simplest way to mend a clean tear where no actual fabric has been lost. First, iron fabric mending tape under the damaged area, then sew an overcast stitch over the rip’s edges with thread that matches your torn jeans.

How do you sew patches on jeans?

Sewing a Patch onto Denim

  1. Choose a thread that is either the same color as the trim or darker, depending on the color of the patch.
  2. Place the patch and pin it.
  3. Thread the needle.
  4. Begin sewing.
  5. Tie off the thread.
  6. Wear proudly.

How do I fix a small hole in my jeans?


  1. Gather supplies and make a patch large enough to cover the hole.
  2. Place double sided tape on the patch.
  3. Press the patch over the hole on the inside of the jeans.
  4. Sew over the hole and gently pull the edges of the rip together.

How do you cover holes in school for jeans?

To stop the hole from spreading, turn your jeans inside out and apply fabric glue around the edges of the hole. Next, cut a square patch large enough to cover the hole completely, apply fabric glue around the hole, then fit the patch over the glue and hold it in place for a few seconds.

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Is it better to sew or iron on a patch?

Sew on patches are also great because they give the garment on which the patch is attached more flexibility. For example, if you don’t want your patch to be stiff, you can have the iron on backing removed and the patch can flow a little with the fabric once it’s sewn on.

Can you patch stretch jeans?

The Set Up: When patching any garment, the rule of thumb is to match fabrics; patch silk with silk, wool with wool, and a stretch fabric with a stretch fabric; therefore, when patching stretch jeans, you “should” make the patch from stretch denim.

How do I fix a hole in my trousers?

To make your own, cut a piece of fabric 1-2cm larger than the patched area, and a piece of fusible webbing to the same size. Place the webbing patch paper-side down on your ironing board, and then place the fabric patch right side (pretty side) up on top of it, making sure to line them up.

How do you fix a large hole in fabric?

Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Cut a patch 1/2 to 3/4 inch larger than the hole all the way around from a fabric similar to the garment you’re patching.
  2. Pin the patch in place, centering it over the hole so that the right side of the patch fabric is up.
  3. Set your sewing machine like this:

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