Often asked: How To Sew Bottom Of Pants By Hand?

How to Hem Pants by Hand

I’ll show you how to hem pants with a sewing machine, which will give you a stitchless look on the outside of the leg. Watch the video tutorial below or scroll down for step-by-step photo instructions, or watch it on YouTube.

Step 2: Work Out the New Length For the Pants

Always get the person to wear the shoes that they will be wearing with the pants to be taken up, so you will know where the pant legs go down to when you have the shoes on. If you are hemming the pants while they are on, doing so in front of a mirror may be helpful.

Step 2: Ensure the Pant Legs are Taken up Evenly all the Way Around

Measure from the top of the pant leg to the new fold created when the pin for the new pant bottom was placed, then measure the same distance all the way around the pantleg and pin it in place.

Step 4: Keep 2-2 1/2″ (5-6cm) to Create the New Hem and Cut Off Excess Fabric

I like to keep about 2u2033 (5cm) for the new hem allowance, which gives me enough fabric to turn the raw edge under and just over 1u2033 (2 1/2cm) for the next hem.

Step 6: Turn Hem Up by 2″ and Iron in Place

Turn your pants inside out and raise the hem by 2u2033 (or however much seam allowance you have left).

Step 8: Grab Your Prepared Needle with a Single Thread and Tie a Knot in the End. Then Secure it to One of the Inside Leg Seams

Tie a knot in the thread tail and tuck it down into the hem.

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Step 9: Get Stitching!

I used red thread, which isn’t visible, but it’s important to secure the thread as I did in step 8. Repeat the process with the other leg of the same fabric.

Can you hem pants with a handheld sewing machine?

If you don’t have a sewing machine, don’t worry; hand sewing a hem is simple and takes little time; all you need is a needle and thread to get the same perfectly hemmed pair of pants. Cut a matching piece of thread twice the length to go around one leg.

How do you hem pants without cutting your hand?

  1. Try on your to-be-hemmed pants and tuck the hem under to the desired length.
  2. Take off jeans and turn inside out.
  3. Take out all pins and turn jeans right side out.
  4. Sew a straight stitch very close to the existing hem with your heavy duty needle and matching thread.

Is hand sewing as strong as machine sewing?

Because the machine uses two strands of thread and secures the stitches with a knot, machine stitches are stronger than hand stitches.

What are the 7 basic hand stitches?


  • Backstitch. Unlike the running stitch, the backstitch creates a single, continuous line of thread.
  • Satin Stitch.
  • Stemstitch.
  • French Knot.
  • Lazy Daisy.
  • Woven Wheel.

Can you hand sew a hem?

While machine sewing a hem is quick and simple, hand sewing can result in a nearly invisible hem.

How much does it cost to hem pants?

Shortening Sleeves: $15 to $40 u2013 Jacket sleeves cost more than shirt sleeves, and jackets with buttons and linings cost more than plain ones. Hemming Pants, Skirts, or Dresses: $10 to $25 u2013 Skirts with a lining cost more to hem than unlined skirts.

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What does hem pants mean?

Hem: The edge of a piece of fabric that is (or needs to be) sewn to keep it from unraveling; most suit trousers are sold unhemmed with the intention of being tailored to your exact measurements.

How do you shorten pants with hair ties?

Simply roll up your jeans once, then place a bobble halfway between the rolled-up hem and the bottom of your trousers, before rolling the hem over the hair tie and tucking it under for a neat and tidy look.

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