Often asked: How To Sew More Room In The Butt Of A Costume?

Kim Dress Sewalong – Alterations – Full butt adjustment (Variation 1 o

Welcome to the Kim Dress Sewalong’s Alterations section, where we’ll go over as many pattern alteration tutorials as we can fit into these posts; all patterns are relevant to the Kim Dress, and all alterations can be made into a Kim Dress.
As we tackle most of the common issues surrounding pattern fitting, these tutorials will be applicable not only to the Kim, but to a wide range of other patterns as well. You’ll need to increase your total hip measurement by 2″, which will result in a 1″ increase to the skirt-back pattern piece. Begin by marking out the side seam allowance (shown in blue) on your Variation 1 skirt back piece.

How can I extend my skirt waist?

Remove the waistband and lining from the skirt and cut it to your desired length, cutting from the top to keep the original hem. Cut the t-shirt in half below the underarm seams and fold the bottom half back over itself to create a wide band.

How do you adjust your whole butt?

If you’re adding more than 1/2 inch, slash your pattern and spread out the back crotch curve so you’re adding length to the back crotch and the center back.

How do you alter pants that are too big in the waist?

Using a seam ripper, undo the trouser and waistband centre back seams. Determine how much you need to take the trouser waist in, then draw a chalk line from the waist down, blending in to the existing seam to show the new stitching line. Try the trousers on to make sure they fit properly.

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How do you upsize a pattern?

Making horizontal and vertical lines on your pattern piece, placed where you want the pattern to increase or decrease, and cutting along those lines and spreading to create the new pattern piece, is the easiest method for resizing a pattern and will be your go-to in this situation.

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