Question: How To Make A Doll Tutu No Sew?

Make a Doll Tutu

You don’t need a sewing machine or any skill other than knowing how to tie a single knot to make a doll tutu for ANY doll, including American Girl dolls. Use contrasting ribbon and different colors of tulle for an especially full tutu.

How to Make a Doll Tutu

Wrap the tutu around the doll’s waist and tie a bow. That’s it! You’ll have a sweet gift for the little girl in your life! I originally bought a few yards of tulle to make a tutu for my daughter, but the doll tutu used up the leftovers.

How do you make a doll Tutu?


  1. A.
  2. Cut 20-25 strips of tulle from the spool.
  3. Fold the piece of tulle in half, insert it under the elastic, pull the ends of the tulle through the loop, and pull tight.

How much tulle do you need for a no sew tutu?

You can use as little or as much tulle as you like; I like my tutus to be fluffy and full, so I usually use about 75 yards of tulle on spools. Cut strips twice the length you measured previously; for example, I measured 12 inches down, so my strips will be 24 inches long.

How do you fluff a tutu?

Simply separate three layers by going around the skirt and gently pulling them apart to get instant tutu fluffiness! Out of shape Tutu: You can spritz a little water on the tutu before doing this, and of course, let it hang dry.

How much tulle is needed for a child’s tutu?

If you buy tulle on a bolt, you’ll need about 5 yards (5 meters) for a child’s tutu, 10 yards (9.1 meters) for small or medium adult sizes, and about 20 yards (18 meters) for large or extra-large adult sizes.

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How much does it cost to make a tutu?

DIY tutu (cost of making tutu is estimated to be around $2 by the blogger)

How expensive is Tulle?

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