Question: How To Sew A Rag Rug With Sewing Machine?

Braided Rag Rug

I decided to make a braided rag rug out of two bundles of old bedsheets my mother found during spring cleaning, and I will spend the entire month of March making handmade and turning off my lights for one hour on March 27 in support of Earth Hour.

Recycle Tutorial: Braided Rag Rug

My mother’s old bedsheets are quite tattered in the center, so I only used the area 1 to 1.5 feet from the edge. I made three from different bedsheets so that I would get some pattern when braiding the strips. A scenic base with zigzags goes around an oval makes the reversible rug reversible.

How many sheets does it take to make a rag rug?

A 24 x 36 inch rug requires approximately 10 yards of fabric, 1/3 of which is not visible, so an old sheet or other scrap fabric is ideal; I found that a full size sheet is about the same as 4 yards of fabric.

How do you sew a braided rag rug together?

Sewing by hand

  1. Stitch the edges of the coiled braid together with a backstitch or whip stitch, making another stitch approximately every inch.
  2. Coil one end of the braid in on itself on a flat surface, making a flat disc similar to a drink coaster.

Can you knit a rag rug?

Knitted rag rugs How to knit a rag rug: Cut or rip strips of fabric across the grain, but you’ll have to either stitch them together or work them in like yarn ends, which is just as easy.

How many shirts do you need to make a rag rug?

You’ll only need one or two old t-shirts, some scissors to cut up your yarn, and a large crochet hook to make this useful mat, and only basic crochet skills are required.

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How do I keep my braided rug from curling?

When sewing your braid together, leave enough extra braid around any curves in the rug to prevent it from curling up like a bowl.

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