Quick Answer: How To Sew In A Layered Bob Weave?

20 Stunning Ways to Rock a Sew In Bob

The sew in bob is one of the most versatile hairstyles right now, with 20 different ways to wear it.

Why Sew-In Weaves?

If you’ve never had a weave but have heard horror stories about them, we’ll help you succeed with your first one! All questions will be answered below, and there will also be an inspirational gallery as a bonus.

Bob Sew-In Options

Do you want a centre-parted or side-parted hairstyle? Do you want it blunt or blunt? With or without bangs? Straight, body wave, or loose wave?

How Much Hair for a Bob?

Some people use only 1.5 bundles of 10u2033 hair, but more bundles and longer hair means no thin ends, and 2-3 bundles of 12 or 14u2033 hair can also be used for a full look.

Concerns You May Have About Weaves

The best time to wear your weave for the first time is one month, with regular conditioning of the hair underneath and only styling mousse and shine booster applied to the extensions. You won’t have to worry about damage as long as your sew-in isn’t too tight and you take care of your natural hair.

Perfecting The Sew In Bob

It’s worth experimenting with because there are so many different ways to wear it; before you do, take a look at our inspirational pictures of some of the best styles out there.

#1: Hollywood Glamor Bob

Choosing a layered curly bob sewn in over a straight cut style adds a level of glamor and sophistication like no other, and focusing on the texture and body of the weave could be the solution.

#2: Voluptuous Weave

The side part, combined with a blowout of cascading waves, is perfect for day or night, and notice how the front of the hair has been teased for a perfect tousled style.

#3: Long Bob with Heavy Bangs

A long bob with hefty bangs exudes professionalism and style in one ultra-slick package; opt for a slick finish with heavily conditioned hair or a super-blonde blow-dry to achieve the look you want for your next work commute.

#4: Full Weave with Rouge Ombre

Add some soft ringlet curls to the ends of the extensions and gently tease the bangs to create a striking style with the side part weave and creative colored ombre.

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#5: Asymmetrical Lob

In this chic asymmetrical graded cut, high fashion meets casual wear. A graded lob screams high-end and will certainly pay off. Sew in bob hairstyles don’t have to be conventional; they can be as chic as you like.

#6: Extreme Layered Bob

Layers are the simplest way to add volume to your hair, and this weave has been blown out in swoopy layers that highlight the hair’s beautiful movement, paired with a black-to-blonde root fade for a winning look.

#7: Medium Cut with Center Part

The softly tousled hair, with its sheer blonde weave and deep black roots, effortlessly whispers femininity.

#8: Sexy Partial Sew In

With a side part and swept-back hairstyle, this is a fresh take on the classic bob.

#9: Traditional Bob with Extra Length

Hairstylist The Hair Icon has created a new take on the classic bob, with sliced-in angles and slightly curled over sides to complete this lovely customized bob.

#10: Curly Bob Sew In

Instead of going ultra-slim, try a creative curly weave. Curls tend to flatter slimmer, more pixie-like facial features, so they could be ideal for you. Plus, some rouge and gold accents are perfect for any elegant style.

#11: Graduated Cut with Sweeping Fringe

It’s time to take your style to the next level, it’s time for a sew in bob with an electric blue weave, sharp sides, and sweeping fringe!

#13: Weave with Textured Curls

A medium inverted bob, like the one in this photo, requires little effort and looks polished, and choosing textured curls as part of your weave ensures that you have plenty of body.

How many packs of hair do you need for a Bob?

For a full look, use 2-3 bundles of 12 or 14 inch hair, cut to the length and style you prefer; some people use only 1,5 bundles of 10 inch hair, but more bundles and longer hair means you won’t have thin ends.

Can you have a layered bob?

Layers can help add volume or take it away (if your strands are too thick! ), and they work for all textures and face shapes. A layered bob haircut is a type of short haircut that can be achieved by having your hair cut in varying lengths, giving the illusion of more texture and dimension in your hair.

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What is the best weave hair for a bob?

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Is a layered bob easy to maintain?

This bob cut with layers will add volume and movement to your hair and can be very low maintenance. It can be styled with heat or simply allowed to dry naturally with a little added product.

Is 2 bundles of hair enough for a sew-in?

2 hair bundles are recommended for a 14″ shoulder length style, but 3 hair bundles are recommended for a longer length in order to get full coverage for your sew-in. To achieve the Kinky Curly Sew-in look, shop for Kinky Curly bundles, which are perfect for both 3B-3C hair textures.

What hair is good for a bob?

If you have fine, straight hair, the bob is one of your best options; wavy hair of medium to fine density and medium to fine thickness will also work well with a bob if you’re willing to blow dry or use a straightener to iron out excessive kinks or bad hair days.

How do you style a short layered bob?

Apply a small dollop of mousse to towel-dried hair, starting at the roots and combing the mousse through the hair with a wide-tooth comb. Blow-dry the hair while scrunching sections with your hands to create a layered, messy, short bob.

What is the difference between a stacked bob and an inverted bob?

The technique used to cut the angled hair is the biggest difference between an inverted bob and a classic A-line bob. When bob hairstyles are inverted, they add an edgy and dramatic short style to the traditional stacked bob haircut by having a long front while smoothly decreasing towards the back.

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What is a French Bob?

For the uninitiated, a French bob is essentially a super-short, blunt bob, often with bangs, that looks great with a beret. u201cA French bob is typically shorter than your typical chin-length bob we’ve been seeing a lot of lately,u201d says celebrity hairstylist Alex Brown.

What is the best type of hair for sew in weave?

Virgin human hair is the most popular hair grade, and it has the best quality because it has never been processed or changed with chemicals. Virgin hair can be used multiple times, and it can also be colored and styled like natural hair.

What is the best type of weave to use for a sew in?

Virgin textured hair is the highest grade of human hair weave, made from 100% pure hair that can be used as its own natural hair style and color because it is unprocessed and comes from a single donor.

How long does a Bob sew in last?

If you show your sew-in some love and take proper care of itu2014more on that lateru2014it can last up to six to eight weeks, according to Nash; if you try to keep it in longer than that, you risk damage to your hair and scalp (aka irritation, excess oil buildup, and breakage).

Is a Bob low maintenance?

There’s a style and length for everyone, whether you want short and choppy waves or subtle, wispy waves, and it’s relatively low-maintenance if you get the right cut for your hair type. You could even get away with a little spritz of texturizing spray to keep it styled and sleek.

What is a textured bob hairstyle?

Choppy bobs are textured bobs with many short layers that give them more movement and definition. Choppy bobs are cut using standard or razor shears to cut shorter sections of the hair. They are a great haircut for women with thin and thick hair.

What is a choppy bob?

Choppy Bob is a fancy way of saying: medium-length hair, don’t care; it’s a laid-back haircut in which the hair isn’t cut to one length, but rather in layers, as opposed to other Bobs. The great thing about the trendy Choppy Bob: This layered cut is sexy, uncomplicated, and easy to handle.

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