Quick Answer: How To Sew In Flex Tabs In Camper Curtains?

Pop Up Camper Makeover – DIY Curtain Tab Type C Options

If you’re remodeling your camper, you’ll need to decide whether you’ll use the original tabs or make your own replacement tabs for a similar-looking camper to secure your new curtains to the C channel curtain track.

Reuse The Original Tabs

To sew through the Type C plastic curtain tabs that came standard on many pop up campers, you’ll need a sewing needle designed for vinyl or upholstery (a 110/18 or 120/19 needle) and a machine with enough power to push the needle through.


Attach sticky back hook and loop velcro to both the tab and the curtain as an alternative no-sew option.

Hot Glue

If the fabric is thin or sheer, using hot glue to attach a curtain tab may not be the best option; however, if you don’t mind reattaching a few tabs every now and then, hot glue may be your best option.

Duct Tape

If you can’t sew directly through the tab’s plastic, cut off half of the lip and fold one 2 inch long by 1 inch wide piece of duct tape over either side. Another nice benefit of using duct tape is that it comes in an endless variety of colors and patterns.

DIY Replacement Type C Curtain Tabs

If you don’t have or are missing some of the original Type C curtain tabs, replacing them can be costly: a set of fourteen tabs costs $12 to $15, and if you need 90 tabs, you could easily spend nearly $100 on just the tabs.

What kind of fabric should I use for camper curtains?

Because an RV is less climate-controlled than a house and your curtains will bleach faster than home curtains, we recommend using synthetic fibers for RV curtains. Choose a long-lasting, performance-grade material such as polyester, polypropylene, or acrylic when making RV draperies.

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How do you refinish curtains on a pop up camper?

Cut one piece of new curtain fabric and one piece of blackout fabric, right sides together, and sew them around the edges with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, leaving a six-inch section open at the bottom. Turn the fabric right sides out through the opening, push out the corners, and stitch it closed.

How far apart should tabs be on curtains?

Cut ‘Em Out To figure out how many tabs you’ll need, place one on each of the curtain’s outside edges, then space the rest evenly, about 6u2032u2032 to 8u2032u2032 apart, with a width of 112u201d to 2u2032u2032.

How long are tabs on curtains?

Each tab will be eight inches long, with tabs spaced every six inches along the top of the curtain. To determine the length of the tab piece, multiply the number of tabs by eight, and cut your tabs from multiple strips of fabric if necessary.

What fabric is best for camper cushions?

Choose a Fabric Midweight denim (the same material as your jeans) and microsuede are both good choices for a durable, easy-to-clean fabric; in either case, you’ll want to make or buy removable covers for your RV cushions so you can take them off and wash them.

How many yards of fabric do I need for a pop up camper curtain?

Let’s start with the curtains. Curtain fabric can be expensive, so I bought 15 yards of cotton duck cloth fabric to make my panels. It’s a heavy fabric that does a great job of insulating the camper.

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How do you clean curtains on a pop up camper?

I machine washed them on gentle in cold water with Woolite and Clorox II, then hung them to dry; it didn’t get all of the stains out, but it did fade them considerably; it did not damage the plastic tabs, but I did have to rehem a couple of them.

How do you fix a pop up canvas?

Measure the tear, hole, or rotted out area and cut a piece of canvas from the patching kit that is similar to the original color of canvas and one inch larger all the way around than the problem area. Apply canvas adhesive from the patching kit to the inside of the camper and coat the area.

How do you hang a pop up tent curtain?

Peel the backing material away a foot or so at a time from the curtain panel, pressing the adhesive in place along the inside edge of the canopy top where the curtain belongs. Attach the curtain to the hook-and-loop tape on the canopy.

How do you evenly space curtains?

Begin by folding the top of your curtain panel in half and then in half again, holding both ends of the panel in one hand and a folded end in the other. Attach one ring clip to each of the ends and the fold in the middle.

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