Quick Answer: How To Sew Rick Rack Into A Seam?

Sewing with Rick Rack

Rick rack is a flat, narrow woven braid in a zigzag pattern that was originally known as “waved crochet braid.” Rick rack was a popular trim for fancy handwork in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but today’s fibers are more likely to be polyester, which resists fading and curling better.

Application for the proper reveal

To determine where to place the rick rack, measure the height of a wave and fold back along the sewn seam to reveal the perfect line of waves along your edge. Pin the rick rack in place along the seam allowance on one of the two fabric panels that will make up your seam. Baste the second panel.
Rick rack can be used as flat trim on a base fabric or to hide a hem’s seam line. It also makes a lovely embellishment line along the edge of a skirt or tablecloth when stitched in a matching or contrasting color. Rick rack acts like bias trim, allowing it to curve and twist with ease.

How do you keep Rick Rack from fraying?

Don’t be concerned:

  1. Take frayed end rick rack, clip off nasty frayed end, and burn end with butane (grill or cigarette) lighter until slightly melted (PLEASE NOTE: MOST prepackaged rickrack available in sewing/craft stores is polyester.
  2. It will fray no more! )

How do you spell Ric Rac?

Whatever you call it: rick rack, rickrack, or ricrac, there’s no denying it’s been at the top of the trim list for nearly 200 years.

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