Quick Answer: How To Sew The Corners Of A Box Cushion Cover?

How to Sew Boxed Corners

The boxed corner seam turns a flat piece of fabric into a three-dimensional object that can be used to make cushions, tables, and other items. I’m no expert sewer, but mastering these basic techniques has allowed me to create unique and perfectly-tailored items.

Measuring and Cutting Your Fabric for a Boxed Seam

If you want to make a tailored table cloth, ottoman slipcover, or even a stool cover, you’ll need to measure the item you’re covering. A note here on letter C u2013 the amount needed for hem and/or seam allowance. Once you have your measurements, cut the fabric down using a rotary cutter and ruler.

How to Sew Boxed Corners – Method 1 (The Really Easy Way)

If your fabric frays or you want to keep the edges from rolling, use a wide zig-zag stitch or a serger to sew the two edges together using a 1/2u2033 seam allowance. If your fabric frays or you want to keep the edges from rolling, use a wide zig-zag stitch or a serger.

How to Sew Boxed Corners – Method 2 (French Seams)

This method involves sewing the WRONG sides of your fabric together and pressing it flat with a hot iron. Then sew the seam again, this time with the RIGHT sides together.

How do you calculate box corners?

1. Decide on the size of the boxed corner you want.

  1. Our tutorial shows a 4u2032u2032 deep boxed corner.
  2. 2u2032u2032 is the size of the square that will be cut off of both bottom corners when you divide the desired 4u2032u2032 depth by 2.

How do you Mitre a corner of fabric?

What is the best way to sew mitered corners?

  1. The multiple folds along each edge pile up on top of each other and create an excess of fabric at the corner when hemming two edges that meet.
  2. Press the same amount again.
  3. Unfold everything.
  4. Find the middle square formed by the folds.
  5. Trim along line.
  6. Fold angled edge in so that the creases line up with each other.
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How many corners does a box have?

A square has four corners, so a cube made up of six squares has 24 corners. I’m defining a corner as a 90 degree angle; if you define a corner as being in xyz coordinates, a cube has eight corners. A cube’s edges are shared, which means each square shares an edge with another square.

How do you upholster the corners of a seat?

Pull the “Y” flap straight over the corner and staple it securely. Pull each edge of fabric on each side of the corner straight over the seat cushion and staple each to the backside of the cushion. Repeat with each corner.

How do you upholster a seat cushion?

Detailed instructions

  1. Remove the Old Fabric. Turn the chair upside down and unscrew the seat from the frame with a drill or screwdriver.
  2. Center Your Pattern.
  3. Cut the New Seat Cover.
  4. Attach the Fabric to the Seat.
  5. Complete the Corners.
  6. Attach the Welt (optional)
  7. Reattach the Seat.

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