Quick Answer: How To Sew Two Pieces Of Fabric Together For Baby Blanket?

How to Sew a Double-Sided Baby Blanket

The instructions below will teach you how to sew a twin-sized blanket for your baby, which is the easiest and softest baby blanket you can make, and you can tackle this project even if you only have beginner sewing skills.

How to sew a double-sided baby blanket

I made my first baby blanket for a friend’s daughter in 2015, and I’ve since made five more, including one for my own daughter, but I haven’t photographed any of them. You can make a double-sided baby blanket if you can sew in a reasonably straight line.

How much fabric do I need for a baby blanket?

Pre-wash and dry everything to get any shrinkage out of the way; the soft cotton batting actually came pre-cut to 1 yard in a bag, so you’ll have very little waste.

What is the best material to make a baby blanket out of?

Some of the super minky-soft fabrics and stretchy fleeces are more difficult for a beginner to sew because they have a lot of stretch and are difficult to cut and sew.

Step 1: Cut the pieces

Cut three pieces of fabric at your desired dimensions, using a yard stick or another long straight edge to draw your cut line because cutting in a straight line can be difficult.

Step 2: Pin fabric in place and sew

Trim excess fabric from around the perimeter of the blanket and turn it right-side out. Sew a straight seam all the way around your fabric, leaving about 6 inches open anywhere in the seam. Clip the corners for sharper corners on your blanket.

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Step 3: Turn right-side out and pin the small opening shut

Fold a blanket right-side out by carefully working it through the 5-inch opening in the batting; if you’re having trouble keeping it neat, press the folded seam area with an iron.

Step 4: Sew the opening shut and sew a seam round the blanket’s entire perimeter

Sew a French seam all the way around the perimeter of the blanket to secure the opening while also adding a decorative trim. Sew shut with a straight stitch and make sure the French seam is visible from the outside.

What’s a French seam?

French seams are sewn around the edges of double-sided baby blankets to give the outside a flat, neat, and polished look. When the blanket is flipped right-side out, the raw edges of the fabric are hidden on the inside, but the edge does not look as polished.

How many stitches should I cast on for a baby blanket?

I would cast on anywhere from 130 to 200 stitches for an average baby blanket, depending on how wide you want the blanket to be. Most patterns call for at least 130 stitches.

How much fabric is needed for a baby blanket?

Blanket Dimensions

Blanket Size Width Yards of Fabric
Baby (Crib) 29″ 1 yard each (minimum 44″ wide)
Child 42″ 1 ½ yards each (minimum 44″ wide)
Adult Afghan/Throw 48″ 2 yards each (minimum 54″ wide)
Adult – Oversized Throw 55-59″ 2 yards each (minimum 56″ wide)

How do you make a two sided baby blanket?

And here’s how to make an easy double-sided baby blanket!

  1. Step 1: Cut the pieces. Cut three pieces of fabric to the desired dimensions.
  2. Step 2: Pin and sew the fabric in place.
  3. Step 3: Turn right-side out and pin the small opening shut.
  4. Step 4: Sew the opening shut and sew a seam around the entire perimeter of the blanket.
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What is the best stitch for a baby blanket?

If you’re looking for quick and easy baby blankets, garter stitch is a good place to start. This garter stitch baby blanket uses two colors and two strands of yarn throughout, resulting in a super warm and squishy blanket that’s also quick to knit.

How many stitches should I cast on for a blanket?

Cast on 120 stitches to make a medium-sized blanket, 160 stitches to make a large lap blanket, and 200 stitches to make an extra-large lap blanket.

How do you sew two things together?

How to Sew Two Fabric Pieces Together:

  1. Line up the two pieces of fabric and pin them together.
  2. Double check that the fabrics are smooth and aligned properly before sewing.
  3. Iron the seams open or to one side (depending on the thickness of the fabric) to flatten them.

What is the meaning of blanket stitch?

The blanket stitch, also known as a “cable stitch” or a “crochet stitch,” is a stitch used to reinforce the edge of thick materials. It is “a decorative stitch used to finish an unhemmed blanket, the stitch can be seen on both sides of the blanket.”

How much fabric do I need for a Minky baby blanket?

You’ll need 2 yards of minky fabric (1 yard of each color), sharp scissors, and a ruler or yard stick to make a no-sew baby blanket.

What size should I make a baby blanket?

Sizes of Baby Blankets

Type Size
Swaddle blankets 40×40 to 48×48 (approx.)
Receiving blankets 18- inch square to a 36- inch square
Crib blankets 40 inches by 60 inches
Multi-use blankets 30 to 40 inches

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