Readers ask: How To Sew A Button On A Throw Pillow?

How to sew a button onto a cushion or pillow

Cushion buttons will pop off if you don’t sew them on correctly, but it’s not too difficult to do so. This method is convenient because you only pass through the pillow one time when sewing on the buttons. You’ll need waxed thread and long upholstery needles.

The Process

Cut a 2 foot length of waxed string and loop the looped end through the button shank. Push the needle through the dot on your pillow and pull the thread ends in opposite directions to tighten the buttons.

How do you tuft a pillow with buttons?

Sew through the cushion from the bottom, passing the needle through the tuft mark on top, then back through the cushion, pulling the thread tight so the button nestles down into the cushion, forming the tuft.

How do I tuft without buttons?

Mock Tufting: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Collect materials
  2. fluff

How do you blind a tuft?

Blind tufting is done in a similar way: take a string or thread of the same, or as close to the fabric’s color as possible, and thread it up from underneath, over, and back down with the needle, making a small stitch about 5 to 10 millimetres long.

How do you tuft a chair back?

Cut away the excess fabric all the way around the chair back with scissors or a very sharp utility knife, and then attach fabric-covered cord in the routed-out channel of the chair frame with your hot glue gun to hide the edges of the fabric and finish the chair back.

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How do you cover buttons with fabric?

Place your button in the center of your circle, then pull your thread until it cinches right around the button, creating a nice cover for it. Knot the end, keeping the cinched in fabric nice and tight. If you want to cover a button with a shaft, cut out a piece of fabric in the same way.

What is an upholstery needle?

Upholstery Needles, Assorted 4/Package: Use these needles to attach buttons, tufting, stitching through padding, tying springs to webbing, and more to maintain or spruce up your furniture’s fabric surfaces or create new upholstered pieces.

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