Readers ask: How To Sew A Collar That Stands Up?

How to Sew the Collar & Stand | Matilda Sewalong

Sewing a shirt collar and stand can be intimidating, but if you do it carefully and methodically, it will turn out beautifully. Sew the Collar Stand to the dress by sewing 5/8 (1.5cm) from the raw edge all the way around the neckline. If you are using contrast fabric for your internal facings, consider changing your bobbin thread to match, I think it looks neater.

How do you make a stand up collar?

Tutorial on Collars and Collar Stands

  1. Place collar pieces face-to-face and stitch around the outer edge of the collars.
  2. Press lower edge of outer collar stand upwards to secure seam allowance.
  3. Place collar between collar stands and stitch together.
  4. Turn to face and press neatly.

How do you draft a built up neckline?

Begin with the center back pattern piece, extending the center back line up 2u2032u2032. Square a line over to the shoulder from the center back line. Blend a softly curved line to meet the new raised neckline seam from the edge of the pattern at the shoulder.

How do you draft a collar pattern in Mandarin?

Draw a straight line about 2cm from the bottom edge of a piece of paper with a ruler or pattern master u2013 whichever is your tool of choice u2013 and square up from there using a 90o angle. Label this squared up line on the left hand side CB u2013 this is shorthand for Centre Back.

How do you sew a mandarin collar?


  1. Start by applying fusible interfacing to the wrong side of one of the collar stands.
  2. Pin the interfaced and non-interfaced collar stands together with right sides together.
  3. Stitch around the curved (upper) edge, stopping 1/4u2032u2032 before each end.

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