Readers ask: How To Sew A Dresden Plate Using A Prairie Pointer?

Quilting with Dresdens & Prairie Points

I was enamored by the Dresden Plate quilt designs at International Quilt Market last week, so I adapted the design for a pillow. See last Friday’s post for instructions and a video on how to stitch the applique’ with the feed dogs dropped. After quilting, I made prairie points from 3 1/2 squares. Nine (9) points fit perfectly on each side, requiring a total of 36 points.

How many blades does a Dresden Plate have?

The majority of Dresden plates are made with an 18 degree wedge ruler, which requires 20 blades to complete a full circle.

What is a Dresden Plate?

The Dresden Plate quilt blocks finish at 12 x 12 inches and are made with 16 blades and one center circle cut from 4-1/2″ tall strips of fabric.

What can I make with 10 inch fabric squares?

3. Nine-patch quilts. Simply cut your 10 u2032u2032 fabric squares in quarters, 9ths, or 12ths, and sew the smaller squares into nine-patch blocks to make a simple, modern design like the Stomp or Tweet Kids Quilt, or a more traditional style like the Espresso Road quilt pattern.

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