Readers ask: How To Sew A Maxi Skirt With Pockets?

DIY maxi skirt – make it in just one day

This is a boho DIY maxi skirt tutorial with three simple rectangles of fabric as the main body. Don’t want a maxi? Easy u2013 the same process will work for mini, midi, maxi, or whatever length you prefer.

How to make a maxi skirt

Fabric (150cm (60in). wide fabric: 2m (2u00bcyds). Iron-on interfacing (20cm (8in). Zip (23cm (9in). Pin and sew your pocket pieces to the front and back sections of your skirt u2013 this is described as W. Decide and measure what you want the finished length of your skirt to be – this is described as L.

More ideas to try for your DIY maxi skirt

Learn how to make an infinity dress with our simple infinity dress pattern, or try Portia Lawrie’s DIY wrap dress pattern, which can be completed in a single day.

How much fabric do I need for a maxi skirt?

You’ll need about 2.5 yards of wide fabric (mine was 52 inches wide) for an everyday maxi skirt, and you’ll want to use a lightweight, drapey fabric.

What is the difference between a full and half circle skirt?

The green skirt in the photo is a ‘half’ circle skirt; a ‘full’ circle skirt, on the other hand, has twice as much fabric and is thus more voluminous.

Which fabric is best for long skirts?

Wool jersey, velour, and wool double knits are good for lightly fitted skirts; wool crepe, silk tweed, and fine worsted wool are good for fitted skirts; silk crepe de chine and rayon are also good choices. Wool flannel and gabardine should be avoided.

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How do you sew a skirt at home?

Fabric should be cut.

  1. Wrap elastic around your natural waist
  2. add 1u2032u2032 for overlap and cut. Join elastic together by overlapping and stitching with a straight stitch. *tip- use matching thread.
  3. add 1u2032u2032 for overlap and cut. Join elastic together by overlapping and stitching with a straight stitch.

How do you make the secret pockets in pants?

How to Create a Simple Hidden Pocket

  1. Step 1: Turn the garment inside out and place a scrap piece of material behind the existing hip pocket.
  2. Step 2: Trace the Outline of the Pocket onto the scrap material.
  3. Step 3: Sew the New Pocket Over the Existing Hip Pocket.

How do you add pockets to side seams?

How to Add Side Seam Pockets (Nerdy Sewing Tips)

  1. Snip a small notch into the side seam of your main fabric (on each side of your front and back pieces) to mark the top of where your pocket will sit.
  2. Stitch the pocket pieces into place with a 3/8″ seam allowance.

How do you put a pocket in a circle skirt?

Cut open the two sides of your skirt to make two halves, then place your pocket right sides together, about 3u2032u2032 (for adults, 2u2032u2032 for kids) from the top, and sew that pocket on right sides together. Do the same for both pieces, and you’ll have four pocket pieces to sew on.

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