FAQ: How To Sew A Cloth Book For Baby?

Make a baby colour book out of your scrap fabric – great gift idea!

I recently became an Auntie again, and as a gift, I decided to make a fabric baby book of colors for my new niece; my version is for a very small baby, so there are no shoe laces or doors to open, just colors to look at and textures to feel.

Improv Style

For each color, I started with a basic improv block of the same size, added some fusible fleece and quilted the pages, added a cover, and bound it all together.

Sorting my Scrap Fabrics

How do you classify a’scrap,’ or what are commonly referred to as ‘crumbs’ or ‘cracklings’ in the recycling world?

Making the Pages – Crumb Piecing

I decided to make each color page out of a 6u2033 x 6u2033 square and improv pieced the pages with scraps I had on hand. It’s similar to sewing a log cabin block except you can add pieces on any side.

Quilting the Pages

I wanted a different quilt pattern on each page to add another layer of interest for my niece, and since I’m still new to quilting, I decided to see what I could do with my walking foot for this project instead (see below for the binding bit).

My Quilting Desings

And yes, I did match my thread to each page – probably a little too much, but I was having fun!

Binding my Fabric Book

After all of the pages were quilted, I had to figure out how to join them in the middle (i.e. the spine). I struggled with this at first because I wanted the book to lie flat for ‘tummy time.’

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Decorating the Cover

I had some tiny triangle shapes left over from another project, so I decided to applique them to the front and back covers with heat n’ bond, arranging them in a kind of curve on the front and more randomly on the back.

Assembling the Fabric Book

I poked out the corners with a chopstick before turning them right side out, top stitched all the way around the edge of the piece, which also closes the open end, and made a small mistake in the fusible fleece.

Attaching the Closure Strap

I found a strip of fabric long enough to stretch from back to front with a seam allowance and top stitched around the edges to make the strap.

Putting the Pages All Together

The final step is to use wonderclips to join all of the pages and cover sets together, remembering that the cotton drill strips I used in between the pages contain no fusible, so even though there were a lot of layers, they weren’t overly bulky.

Finished Fabric Baby Colour Book!

My fabric book has now been sent to my little niece; I had a lot of fun making it, and it used up a lot of my fabric scraps as well! If you like this idea and want to come back to it later, Pin it!

Printable Instructions

Small scraps of fabric can be used to make the book cover and back cover; the fabric for the cover should be approximately 1/2 larger on both sides than your sets of book pages. Fusible fleece or Batting for the front cover and heat n’bond for the strap can also be used.

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What should I include in a baby book?

Here are some important things to include in your baby’s baby book:

  • Pre-birth memories.
  • Birth story.
  • First weeks at home.
  • Baby’s likes/dislikes.
  • Monthly pictures and updates.
  • Milestone memories.
  • Quotes for baby.

Why do babies need cloth books?

Stroking the sheep’s woolly tummy, rubbing the shiny butterfly, and feeling the dog’s velvety ear will help to stimulate developing senses as they snuggle up with this soft, padded cloth book with a crinkle noise on every page!

How do you make a baby’s first year book?

How to Make a Baby’s First Year Photo Book

  1. Choose a format.
  2. Do one month at a time.
  3. Record major milestones.
  4. Only use the best.
  5. Create colorful backgrounds.
  6. Experiment with different layouts.
  7. Include family and friends.

What is the best book for a baby?

The Best Baby Books for Infants to One-Year-Olds

  • ‘On the Night You Were Born,’ by Nancy Tillman, is the best baby book for music lovers. ‘Time for Bed,’ by Mem Fox, is the best baby book for bedtime. ‘Everywhere Babies,’ by Susan Meyers, is the best baby book for teaching inclusivity.

How do I document my baby’s first year?

Another charming way to document Baby’s first year is to take a photo of her at the start of each month in the same location in the house. Try sitting in an oversize chair or couch, or on top of a large pillow, to get a sense of how small your baby was to begin with.

What do you do with a fabric panel?

15 Ways to Use Fabric Panels in Unusual Ways

  1. Use a fabric panel for the quilt center and add creative borders with easy blocks on one or two sides to keep it simple, as I did here in my quilt “Birds of a Feather.”
  2. Use a fabric panel for the quilt center and add creative borders with easy blocks on one or two sides to keep it simple.

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