FAQ: How To Sew A Zipper With A Cover?

How to Make a Zippered Pillow Case For the Total Beginner

This simple tutorial for beginners will teach you how to make a pillow cover with a zipper. There’s nothing to be afraid of, and being able to choose your own fabric and freshen up your space with new pillows will be something you’ll do again and again.


How-To-Make-A-Zippered-Pillow-Cover is a tutorial that shows you how to make a zippered pillow cover.

Supplies to Make a Zippered Pillow Case

Fabric, thread, pins, scissors, and an iron are all you’ll need to make your own zippered pillow case. I like to use 18-inch pillows, but down pillow inserts are recommended for a more luxurious look.

Step 1: Cut your fabric

Cut two pieces of fabric for a pillow to the exact dimensions of the pillow insert, using a rotary cutter and cutting mat for the best results. Once your fabric is cut, lay it out with the pretty sides facing in and decide which edge will be your bottom edge.

Step 2: Place and Mark your zipper

Place pins in the fabric along the bottom of your zipper to mark where it starts and stops; don’t pin your zipper in place yet; we just want to mark where we want to leave an opening for the zipper to go into our pillow case later.

Step 3: Sew your bottom edge

You’ll sew a regular straight stitch from the edge to the pin with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, back stitching to start and stop your stitch. You won’t back stitch for this portion because you’ll remove it once your zipper is in place.

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Step 4: Get ready to add the zipper

Place your zipper face down on the seam you just ironed, pin it in place with a few pins, and then head over to your machine.

Step 5: Sew your zipper in place!

Put your zipper foot on and then connect it to your machine; you’ll sew down the “missing side” closest to the zipper first, then switch and sew down the other side.

Step 6: Undo your temporary stitch

Here are some pointers on how to undo a zippered top with a seam ripper: Unzip your zipper at least halfway before moving on to the next step in the ladder-manoeuvre.

Step 7: Sew the remaining sides of your pillow cover.

Cut off the corners with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, cutting across diagonally at the corners, to give your pillows nice corners. Lay out your pillow cover, good sides facing in, line up the remaining edges, and pin in place.

Final Step: Serge the edges (you don’t need a serger for this)

If you don’t have a serger, use the zig-zag stitch and run your edges through your machine to give your zippered pillow covers a finished look and keep them from fraying. I don’t have a serger, so I just use the zig-zag stitch and run my edges through my machine.

How do you sew a zipper into a cushion cover?

BEST for Beginners: How to Make Zippered Cushion Covers

  1. Step 1: Measure and cut. Step 2: Sew one side, leaving a gap. Step 3: Baste the gap. Step 4: Insert the Zipper Face Down. Step 5: Remove the Basting Stitches. Step 6: Stitch the Zipper Ends.
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How do you cover a zipper?

What Is The Best Way To Cover Zipper Ends?

  1. Fold your fabric in half along the length, wrong sides together, and press. Fold each long edge in to meet the crease and press.
  2. Measure and mark your zip 1/2u2032u2032 shorter than your fabric for the pouch.
  3. Cut your fabric in half.

Can you sew over a zipper?

*Yes, it’s OK to sew over your zipper (slowly so you don’t break your needle) and to cut your zipper if it needs to be shortened (just don’t cut the zipper pull off! );) Sew your zipper in straight using the teeth as a guide.

Do I need a zipper foot to sew a zipper?

No, zipper feet are useful for sewing zippers, but they aren’t required; before zipper feet became popular, sewers figured out how to sew zippers with a regular foot, and many still do today.

Can you sew a zipper by hand?

A hand-sewn zipper is a beautiful thing, and it’s sometimes necessary, but it’s never intimidating or frustrating. The video shows how simple and easy it is to sew a centered zipper in by hand.

How do you make a cushion cover?

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Cut a square of paper the same size as your cushion pad.
  2. Iron your fabric thoroughly before cutting it to remove any creases.
  3. Look over the fabric’s pattern and choose a section you like for the front of the cushion.

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