FAQ: How To Sew An Article Of Clothing To A Quilt?

4 Ways to Upcycle Old Clothes Into Gorgeous Quilts

Quilting gives pre-loved clothing new life, is easy on the wallet, and maximizes your resources, so what’s not to love?

1. Make a T-Shirt Quilt

Simply press your shirts and cut them into the basic shapes required for any quilt pattern. Pro Tip: If using lightweight or stretchy fabric, add interfacing to the wrong side of the shirt prior to cutting.

2. Quilt With Ties

If you don’t have enough old silk ties to cover an entire quilt or table runner, make a patchwork pillow out of a few favorites. This Tied Cushion is made from just two neckties that you open and cut into diamond shapes.

3. Transform Old Jeans

Make a small patchwork project out of an old pair of jeans, such as a clutch, by combining a tiny jeans pocket with scraps of checkered and striped denim for a dainty zipper pouch. If you have a lot of pairs to toss, layer them with thick batting and a soft quilt back instead.

4. Use Your Accessories

The Hav-a-Hank Pinwheel Quilt is made entirely of cotton bandanas, and you can make simple quilt blocks like the pinwheels pictured above with fabric scraps. Simply pair brightly colored bandanas together to make your quilt pop.

Can you mix fabrics in a quilt?

Making a two-color quilt, with one color being a background of just one fabric and the other being a variety of choices, is a good way to get started combining different fabrics and patterns. It’s OK if the fabrics don’t match.

How do you make a quilt out of old clothes?

Cutting some shirts (like a child’s old sports jerseys) into DIY blocks and working them into a patchwork design is one of the most common ways to quilt with old clothes. They make great gifts, and all you have to do is press your shirts and cut them into the basic shapes needed for any quilt pattern.

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How do you sew with Thinsulate?

Add a layer of Thinsulate between your outer fabric and your lining, then sew this as an interlining. Cut the Thinsulate using your lining pattern pieces, then stitch the Thinsulate to the lining before sewing to the outer fabric.

What is the easiest quilt pattern for a beginner?

A square patchwork quilt, made from fabric squares sewn together in a simple grid pattern, is one of the easiest quilts for a beginner to make. You can cut squares from your own fabrics or start with a precut fabric bundle called a “charm pack” or “layer cake.”

Should you wash fabric before making a quilt?

Washing your fabric before cutting and piecing is an important step in the construction of your quilts because it ensures that it will not leak excess dyes and will be easy to work with throughout the process.

How much does a memory quilt cost?

On the Internet, you can find memory quilts ranging in price from $100 to well over $2,000. Why such a wide price range? There are a number of factors that influence the cost of making a memory quilt, and the top three are listed below.

How do you make a quilt for beginners?

Making a Quilt from Scratch (by Hand)

  1. Collect your materials and tools.
  2. Prewash your fabric.
  3. Iron your fabric.
  4. Measure and cut your patchwork.
  5. Lay out your quilt.
  6. Sew your patchwork into rows.
  7. Iron your rows.
  8. If this is your first quilt, go for a simple pattern for a small quilt.

How many shirts do you need to make a quilt?

12 shirts will make a throw-size quilt (approximately 48″ x 64″), and 30 shirts will make a full-size quilt (approximately 82″ x 96″), with 5 across x 6 down.

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