FAQ: How To Sew Lace Sides In A Tank Top?

DIY Lace Tank Top Tutorial – U Create

Made with an old tank top and lace cut from a tablecloth I found at a thrift store. Easy to put together and can be made with stuff you already have lying around the house. Turn a corner while sewing – stop at the corner with needle down in fabric, then lift your presser foot up while rotating the fabric. Sew about 1/4u2033 from the corner.

How do you put lace on a pillowcase?

Using Lace to Decorate a Pillowcase

  1. Line up the raw edge of the lace with the raw edge of the main fabric and sew the two together.
  2. Place the cuff on top of the main fabric and sew together.
  3. Neaten the seam by overlocking (serging) or zig zagging.

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