How To Knit A Horizontal Pocket Into A Sweater?

You should sew the lining for your pocket, which is often in the shape of a rectangle, and then put it aside without tying it off. Creating a horizontal knit-in pocket begins with this initial stage in the building process. After that, proceed to continue working on the sweater until you reach the place where the top of the pocket opening is.

How do you attach a pocket to a sweater?

The next step is to use the Mattress stitch to secure the sides of the pocket to the sweater.Set up a contrasting thread before beginning the seaming process to guarantee that you are working in a straight line.This step is recommended if you anticipate the necessity for it.As can be seen in the photo that is displayed above, the sides of the pocket blend in perfectly with the sweater.

The only exception to this is the bottom border of the pocket.

How do you make a pocket out of knitting?

You may knit a square (or a rectangle or a semicircle or a heart—let your imagination go wild!) in the size you choose for your pocket, then pin it to your garment to check for placement before sewing it in place. Easy peasy! You are free to work your pocket in any color and with any method (textured stitches, intarsia, stranded knitting, etc.). You can also use any color you choose.

How do you sew a pocket on a dress?

Cast on the same number of stitches and continue working on the garment until you reach the position of the pocket opening.At this point, you will need to count the number of stitches required for the width of the pocket and place those stitches on a holder.Work the retained stitches in stockinette stitch until the pocket is the desired depth, then bind off to complete the lining.Stitch the lining to the inside of the garment, which is the back.

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What kind of knitted sweater has pockets?

My go-to knitted sweater is Moon Eldridge’s Prismatic Pullover, which was included as one of the highlighted knitted sweaters in the collection.It is quite athletic and casual, yet the textured stitch patterns that are used throughout ensure that it is not dull in the least.I’m sure you’ll find the following information regarding knitted sweaters with pockets to be interesting, so here it is from Karen:

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