How To Knit Accordian Mobius Scarf?

If it is knit with wool, the mobius will feel slightly constricting but will keep you quite warm. Wrap it twice around your neck. Before you put the scarf on, give it a quick fold in half to make it appear less thick. Adjust the knit so that it is draped across your shoulders, then shimmy it down.

How many skeins of yarn do you need for an infinity scarf?

In most cases, you will only need one skein of yarn, which is around 255-350 yards, to make an infinity scarf if you work with a yarn of worsted weight and a crochet hook of size H or I.

How many stitches do you need for an infinity scarf?

Using circular needles, knit an infinity scarf as follows: Start by casting on 160 stitches, placing a marker, and joining your work in the round. Take care not to twist the stitches as you work.

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