How To Knit Mitts?

Move the stitches from the stitch holder onto the straight knitting needle, and continue knitting in stockinette stitch for 10 rows, or until the length reaches your desired preference. Knit the two pieces together for this final row, then stitch your thumb. To knit mittens with straight needles, this is the method recommended for beginners.

How do I knit mittens?

This article has gotten 18,659 views since it was first published. To begin making mittens, you will need some yarn and knitting needles with two points of contact. After then, continue knitting the cuff of the glove until it measures between two and three inches long. After that, begin knitting the body, setting aside between 8 and 15 stitches for the thumb on a stitch holder.

Can you use rib stitch to knit mittens?

If you start knitting mittens with a rib stitch, you will end up with an elastic cuff that keeps the mittens on your hands even if the area that covers your hands is a little loose. This is a great advantage of using rib stitches. On the other hand, if you so want, you can ignore this step and just knit around the entire circle of stitches.

What kind of knitting needles do I need for mittens?

Because mittens are knit in the round, you will need double-pointed needles in order to successfully complete the project. Select a five-piece needle set with double-pointed needles that is compatible with the type of yarn you will be working with. On the label of the yarn, you may frequently find some recommendations.

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How do you sew a tail to a mitten?

Remove a tail of twelve inches and thread it onto a yarn needle. It should be passed through all of the stitches again, and then the end should be woven in (or just stitch the tail to the inside of the mitten and wait to weave it in until the very end). You’re getting really close now!

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