How To Sew A Heavy Skirt To Bodice?

DIY Wedding Gown – attaching the bodice and skirt

On weekends and Wednesdays, I’ve been working on the wedding gown. There was a discrepancy in the lengths of my bodice front waist seams. This fix only took about a half hour to unpick, machine stitch, and re-catchstitch the seam allowances. At the CF, I’m having a basque (pointed, V shaped) waistline.

How do I attach a skirt to a bodice lining?

Turn the bodice inside out and sew the side seams.

  1. Pin side seam. Grab the front and back lining at the side seam and pin right sides together.
  2. Sew and grade side seam. Sew side seam.
  3. Repeat. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with the other side seam.

How do you line a gathered skirt?

Layer the lining fabric over the inside of the skirt fabric, ensuring that all sides except the hem are aligned. Sew the lining to the skirt fabric with a zig-zag stitch. Sew two straight seams about 0.5cm apart along the skirt’s waistband.

How do you attach gathered fabric?

Place a pin to mark your centers, then gather your fabric slightly. Place your fabrics together, right sides together, with the edges that need to be sewn together. Pin the two ends together (shown on left), and then pin the two centers together (shown on right).

How do you make a gathered skirt with elastic waistband?

A pleated elastic waist skirt pattern

  1. Step 1 Cut out the pattern pieces. 2 Waistband pieces.
  2. Step 2 Cut out elastic and make waistband. Measure the waist with a 3/4 inch elastic that fits snugly – cut it out.
  3. Step 3 Sew the waistband to the skirt.
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How do you turn a skirt into a top dress?


  1. Fold and press the cut edges of the top in on themselves by about 0.5cm, then 1cm, to create a nice even double-folded hem edge.
  2. Pin the edges you’ve just pressed in place, then sew the hem with a medium to long-length straight stitch and matching thread.

Can I turn a dress into a skirt?

Maxi skirts are very popular, and with some basic sewing skills (and a sewing machine), you can turn a dress into a skirt. If you have dresses in your closet that you no longer wear, are too short, or are leftover from your maternity days, this easy sew tutorial is a great way to repurpose them.

How do you turn a pencil skirt into a dress?

Let’s get this party started!

  1. Place scrap paper underneath the pattern and trace along the edge of the pattern and the dart with a tracing wheel.
  2. Mark each pattern piece with a pen or pencil over the tracing lines.
  3. Cut along one dart leg.
  4. Tape the pieces together along the uncut dart leg.

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