How To Sew In A Ining To A Christmas Stocking?

Easy DIY Christmas Stocking Pattern & Tutorial

I’m sharing a super EASY method for making lined Christmas stockings, simple enough to whip up a batch for yourself or as a gift in an afternoon. I’ve also updated the tutorial to include a simple attached loop for hanging your stockings by the chimney.

Christmas Stocking Pattern & Tutorial

Start by printing the stocking pattern (click here for template) -or designing one of your own. For the small size stocking, you will need an 11u2033 x 14u2033 piece of fabric for front and back outside pieces. I sewed a 1/4u2033 seam allowance around the outside [polka-dot fabric] of each sto

Make a Loop for Hanging the Stocking

Cut a strip 1 1 1/2u2033 x 9u2033 for the large size stocking (for the smaller version, 1-6u2033 will suffice). Fold strip in half length-wise and press. Unfold cuff again and take pinned loop to your sewing machine to stitch back and forth multiple times.

And you’re done with your Christmas stocking!

If you’re looking for more Handmade Stocking Tutorials and Ideas, take a look at this post for a variety of styles and ideas. I recommend starting with a practice stocking to see how it all comes together.

How many yards of fabric do I need for a Christmas stocking?

2 yards fabric for the stocking (I used 1 yard per design), 1 yard fabric for the cuff (I used cream colored linen), 2 yards fabric for the lining (I used an old twin sheet I had on hand), 8 yards decorative trim for the cuff

How do you finish a cross stitch Christmas stocking?

Finishing a Cross Stitch Christmas Stocking. Baste the stocking outline onto the fabric you stitched and embroidered. Trim 1 inch beyond this line to remove excess fabric, then zigzag or serge the raw edges to prevent excessive fraying.

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How do you sew a fur cuff on a stocking?

Sew the three layers (outside, cuff, and lining) together along the top. Fold the ribbon in a loop and pin it to the top of the cuff. Slide the stocking into the lining so that the right sides are together (the lining will be inside out) and pin along the top.

How long does it take to needlepoint a stocking?

A needlepoint stocking takes three to four months to complete, so start working on it well ahead of time if you want to meet your deadline.

How do you make a patchwork stocking?

How to make a patchwork stocking for Christmas

  1. On two A4 sheets, draw a stocking shape and segments.
  2. Glue the two sheets together.

How do you quilt?

Making a Quilt from Scratch (by Hand)

  1. Collect your materials and tools.
  2. Prewash your fabric.
  3. Iron your fabric.
  4. Measure and cut your patchwork.
  5. Lay out your quilt.
  6. Sew your patchwork into rows.
  7. Iron your rows.
  8. If this is your first quilt, go for a simple pattern for a small quilt.

What is a good size for a Christmas stocking?

Yes, these are the standard Christmas stocking size for hanging on a mantle, measuring 20 inches in length.

How big is a yard of fabric?

A yard of fabric is 3 feet long, which is 90 centimeters in the metric system; however, fabric yards come in various widths ranging from 36 inches to 60 inches wide.

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