Often asked: How To Sew A Button Hole With A Kenmore Model 385?

Sew a Buttonhole on Kenmore Sewing Machine

When using a sewing machine, it’s important to know how to properly fill a bobbin with thread. This video shows how to adjust the tension knob on a vintage Kenmore sewing machine. Making a buttonhole on a Singer machine is simple with the buttonhole presser foot and the four-step buttonhole function.
This video will show you how to thread a vintage Kenmore sewing machine and how to properly insert a bobbin. The ruffler foot on your machine allows you to sew ruffles much more quickly and easily.
Altair is one of the sexiest video game characters you could be this Halloween or at your next cosplay convention, and in this video, a Dutch costumer demonstrates how to make an Altair upper tunic, as well as how to sew a blind hem stitch to make Roman shades. To make this pillow, you’ll need a sewing machine, scissors, pins, ruler, measuring tape, and thread.
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How do you line up buttonholes?

I recommend lining up the edge with the buttonholes on top with the edge where the buttons will be placed and making a mark with a marking pen through the buttonhole to the other fabric, ensuring you have a mark at every buttonhole where the buttons need to be placed.

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How do you use a button hole machine?

How to make a simple four-step buttonhole

  1. Mark your buttonhole on your fabric with a ruler and fabric pen, making it 14u201d larger than your button.
  2. Attach the buttonhole foot to your machine.
  3. Set the stitch selector to buttonhole Step 1.
  4. Begin sewing.

How do you sew a button by hand?

Pull the thread all the way through until the knot is snug against the underside of the fabric, keeping the button in place with a fingertip. Turn the needle around and push it back down through the hole opposite the one you came up from, pushing it all the way through and tugging the thread tight.

What are the four steps in attaching the patch pocket?

Answer: To sew the patch pocket to your garment, turn it right side up and pin it in place. Sew along the edge of the pocket, starting on one side, stitching across the bottom, and sewing up the other side.

What is a button hole foot?

The buttonhole foot is a sewing machine foot that simply clips onto the machine after removing your current presser foot. A one step buttonhole will do the entire buttonhole for you, but a four step buttonhole will require you to manually change stitches.

What is a button sewing foot?

The Button Sewing Foot is used to quickly and easily attach buttons to garments using a sewing machine. It securely holds the button in place while still allowing a clear view of the stitching area.

What is a button fitting foot?

The button fitting foot is an oddly shaped foot with a prong down the center that snaps directly onto your machine’s shank and allows you to attach buttons to fabrics of any thickness.

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