Often asked: How To Sew A Double Welt Pocket With Flap?

how to Sew: Double Welt Flap Pockets in 10 Easy Steps

I’m going to use an old pattern of mine where the pocket opening crosses the front dart and side body seam, and the front, side body, pocket welts, and pocket flaps are all blockfused.
The welt is cut the same width as the dart, but 1cm (total width of welts) shorter; the welt’s finished width (marked by notches) is 3-4mm wider than the finished width of the pocket; the flap is slightly eased to allow it to curve around the body (think cloth allowance); check that the welt is the correct width at 5mm, and that both stitching lines are parallel.

How do you make a welt pocket pattern?

Sew the pocket bag’s sides together by sewing straight down the left and right sides from top to bottom, passing through the welt and welt facing pieces to the outside of the little blue triangles near the top, and continuing this seam all the way down the pocket bag.

What is a flap pocket?

Flap pockets are welt pockets with a rectangle of fabric (usually with rounded edges) that serves as the flap, which can be hidden by opening the pockets and pushing the flaps inside.

What does a welt pocket mean?

Welt pockets are bound, flat pockets with a welt or reinforced border along the edge of a piece of fabric, and can be found on the front of a man’s tailored jacket with a handkerchief tucked in them, or on the reverse of a pair of jeans.

Are welt pockets functional?

The welt pocket is a decorative element that can be found on the inside of pants, vests, and jackets. It’s a pocket, so it’s a functional element of your garment, but it’s also a decorative aspect.

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What is a double welt pocket?

This style of pocket is commonly used on men’s and women’s tailored jackets, light weight hoodies, light coats, slacks back pockets, or the inside of pockets in the lining of jackets, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Is a welt pocket a real pocket?

While this type of pocket is commonly referred to as a welt pocket in the sewing community and in sewing literature, it is actually known as a ‘jetted’ pocket because it is formed on top of the garment and topstitched in place, whereas a true welt is formed on the inside of the garment and topstitched in place.

Are suit pocket flaps in or out?

Because the flap is soft, it frequently ends up tucked inside the pocket, which can make it look sloppy if you have one tucked in and one not.

Are you supposed to cut suit pockets open?

Sewing functional pockets shut keeps suits looking fresh. If you cut the thread and tug on it, it should unravel easily. If the stitching is difficult to remove, it’s probably not a real pocket.

What is the thing in the pocket of a suit called?

A handkerchief is also known as a pocket square when it is used as a purely decorative accessory in a suit pocket.

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