Often asked: How To Sew A Valance For Beginners?

How much fabric do I need to make a valance?

The obvious response is that it depends, but for a regular 36- to 40-inch window, you can expect to need between 1-1/2 and 5 yards of face fabric. A practical estimate for double-wide windows (roughly 70 to 80 inches wide) is around 2-1/2 to 8 yards of face fabric.

How do you measure a window for a valance?

Measure the width of your window to make a simple valance. Multiply by 1-1/2 to get the distance. The valance should be 1/4 the window height plus one inch in length. Cut a rectangle from your fabric and lining using these dimensions.

How many inches should a valance be?

The drop of a normal valance should be between 18 and 24 inches. In certain situations, a 16- or 17-inch drop valance would suffice, but anything shorter than that might be too short.

Are window valances out of style?

If droopy valances with no shape made of some cheap polyester jacquard come to mind when you think of valances, they are certainly dated and out of style.

How much wider than the window should a valance be?

If the valance hangs alone or over a Roman shade, it can only be 1-1/2 to 5 inches wider than the frame. If it’s hung over a pair of custom drapes, it should be 10 to 30 inches wider than the frame. If the valance is collected, it should have a total flat width of 2 to 3.5 times the window’s width.

What sizes do valances come in?

A straight valance has a drop of 1/6 the curtain drop as a rule of thumb. Match a 12-inch valance drop with a curtain drop of up to 72 inches; a 15-inch valance with a curtain drop of 72 to 90 inches; and an 18-inch valance with a curtain drop of 90 inches or longer.

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How do you calculate yardage for a box pleat valance?

Calculate how many pleats you’ll be making by multiplying the distance between each pleat in inches by the base width. Add the base width of your window or rod to the number of pleats the valance would have multiplied by 5 inches.

How far should a cornice come out from the wall?

Cornice boards are usually 4 inches higher than the window frame or window treatment. The cornice’s height is usually 1/5 of the window’s total height or the present treatment’s height. 2.

Can you use a valance with blinds?

They look better in windows that are narrower. Valances over drapes are very popular, giving the rooms a regal and luxurious feel. Valances, on the other hand, can be combined with blinds and shades. To achieve the look you want, you’ll need to choose your colors and designs carefully.

What size should a valance be for a 36 inch window?

The Window Treatment Expert website recommends adding 2 to 4 inches on each side to decide the width of a valance for a 36-inch window, with less for narrower windows and more for wider windows. This calculation would result in a valance with a width of 40 to 44 inches for a 36-inch window.

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