Often asked: How To Sew Two Pieces Of Ribbon Together?

How to Sew Ribbon – By Machine or Hand

Sewing ribbon on fabric is one of the oldest forms of fabric decoration, with ribbons being widely used for adorning lingerie and soft furnishings in Victorian times.

How to Sew Ribbon onto Fabric

Ribbons can be made in a variety of fabrics, widths, and embellishments, and they can be made in a variety of colors, widths, and embellishments. Ribbons can shrink depending on the fabric or weave, so make sure you know if yours needs to be checked for shrinkage.

Step 1 – Preparation

Decide where the raw edges will be hidden – the best place is in the side seam before the seam is stitched up. Choose thread to suit the type of ribbon you plan to sew – polyester ribbon requires polyester thread, while machine embroidery thread may serve a decorative purpose.

Step 2 – Sewing

Sew along both sides of the ribbon, deciding on the type of stitching before you begin on a scrap with your ribbon and fabric together.

How to Sew Ribbon by Hand

Velvet and jacquard designs are best sewn by hand with a fine needle close to the edge of the ribbon. Each slip stitch can be marked with a bead for added decoration.

Creative Ideas with Ribbon

Extra wide satin ribbon makes a beautiful sash and bow, and grosgrain ribbon adds strength to a button down shirt by stitching along the button opening as an added support for the buttons.

How to Sew Ribbon Like Binding

Ribbon can be used in place of bias binding to give quilts and blankets a unique finish. A binder foot is available for this purpose, but what if you don’t have one? How to sew ribbon like binding.

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How to Sew Ribbon Ends

Nylon and synthetic ribbons can be sealed with the heat of a low flame, and a touch of nail polish can seal the tip of a ribbon as well as an easy line of stitches.

How to Join Ribbon?

If you know how to join bias binding strips, joining ribbon should be simple: cut the opposite side of the ribbon with another diagonal, so the ribbon forms an L shape when you lay the two pieces right sides together, ready to stitch.

How to Sew Ribbon onto Stretch

It’s a good idea to baste the ribbon onto the stretch fabric first, as this will prevent the fabric’s stretch from pulling the piece you’re sewing out of shape. A zigzag stitch is usually the best option because it has some flexibility.

How to Sew Ribbon – In Conclusion

Ribbon is a wonderful trim for any garment, with its wide variety of colors, textures, and widths. As Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “Men will risk their lives, even die for ribbons.”

How do you tie a bow with two pieces of ribbon?

To make a ribbon bow, follow these instructions:

  1. Cut a piece of ribbon (fifteen to twenty inches) to make two loops (or bunny ears).
  2. Fold the left loop over the right loop and bring it around and back through the center hole.
  3. Pull tight to create a knot.

Can you sew ribbon?

Alternatively, add a seam allowance to the ends of the ribbon and turn the cut edges under before stitching in place with a sharp hand or machine needle that will not snag the ribbon when stitching, and the needle should be fine enough that the holes it creates in the ribbon are just large enough for the sewing thread.

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How do you finish the edges of ribbon?

Apply a thin coat of clear nail polish. (Be sure to wipe the excess from the brush so you don’t apply too much.) Figure out how long you want your ribbon to be and then cut it at a 45u00b0 angle or in an inverted v-shape to discourage fraying.

How do you make ribbon without puckering?

If puckering persists, add a stabilizer to the underside of the ribbon (a separate sheet that holds fabric or trim in place). Alternatively, hand stitches, such as the slip-stitch, produce an almost invisible stitch that reduces puckering.

How do you stop the ends of ribbon from fraying?

Fabric ribbons have a tendency to fray and separate at the edges, but you can prevent this by cutting it on a diagonal and applying nail polish or glue to the edges. Snip the edge of your ribbon at a 45-degree angle or cut it in an inverted “v” shape to help prevent fraying.

What ribbon does not fray?

If you’re using wider grosgrain ribbon, fold the end in half, stitch across the bottom with a zig zag, and then push the little pointed end right side out, or fold the end of the ribbon up twice and top stitch it straight.

How do you cut silk ribbon?

Measure the desired width of the silk fabric and cut a 1-2 inch slit in the spot where you want to tear the ribbon with sharp scissors. Begin pulling the silk apart at the spot where you cut the silk, and the silk will naturally tear a straight edge along the grain of the fabric to make a long ribbon.

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Can ribbon be washed?

Ribbon care Some ribbons require special care, such as synthetic fiber ribbons, whereas others are more resistant; this generally means that you can wash and iron ribbons but you must be careful about the temperature used; instead, hand washing is required for that material.

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