Question: How To Hand Sew Fringe Trim On Curtains?

How to Add Decorative Trim to Curtains

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to add trim to the inside/outside edge of a curtain panel, but it can also be added to the top and/or bottom of the panel.

How do you attach fringe to curtains?

Pin the fringe to the panel in the desired location: if you want the fringe to be on the right side of the fabric, pin it there; if you want the fringe to be on the back edge of the panel, pin it there. Place the pins parallel to the fringe edge.

How do you attach fabric trim to curtains?

To attach curtain trim to curtains, use hot, fabric, or craft glue. Second, work in small sections and follow the tutorial in this article, holding the trim in place with straight pins before gluing to ensure proper placement.

How do you embellish plain curtains?

A fabric tieback embellished with a braid and tassel trim is a simple but elegant way to dress up plain curtains. Many retail curtains come with the same fabric tieback. Either hot glue or sew the trim onto the tieback.

Can you trim curtains?

If your curtains are too long, sew a hem to shorten them without cutting them to length, allowing you to keep the fabric if you want to. Another way to shorten curtains is to use a folded design with buttons as fasteners. Folding the curtain hem up creates a double hem.

How do you attach curtain length?

Curtain rings can add several inches to your curtains, giving you the length you need to have your curtains reach the floor (or just above it). Buying curtain rings at a regular store can be expensive, but Amazon has some super great options that are both cheap and well made.

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