Question: How To Sew Fleece Blanket Into Mermait Tail?

Adult Mermaid Tail Blanket Pattern – Free!

I’m sharing a Free Adult Mermaid Tail Blanket Pattern because why should kids have all the fun? Anti-pill fleece is ideal for this mermaid tail pattern because it hides imperfections, which is especially helpful for beginners.

Mermaid Tail Blanket Pattern (Free!)

Mermaid Tail Blanket Pattern is sized to fit most adults, measuring 31 inches wide at the top when flat (62 inches in diameter) and 60 inches long. Fleece u2013 2.5 yards for the body, 2.25 yards for the top and fins basic sewing supplies u2013 thread, pins, scissors, etc.

How do you make a fabric mermaid tail?

How to Make a Swimming Mermaid Tail

  1. Step 1: Trace the Pattern. Trace around the lower body from the belly button to the toe tips.
  2. Step 2: Cut Out the Swim Tail. Fold the fabric front sides together and sew the Swim Tail.
  3. Step 4: Mermaid Style Swimming Safety Tips.

How do you make a no sew fleece blanket?

Blanket with No Sew Fleece

  1. Step 1: Pick a Print and a Contrasting or Matching Solid.
  2. Step 2: Line Up the Two Fabric Pieces.
  3. Step 3: Trim to the Same Size.
  4. Step 4: Cut Out the Corners.
  5. Step 5: Cut the Fringe.
  6. Step 6: Start Tying Knots.
  7. Step 7: Continue Around the Blanket.

How do you make a mermaid tail for cupcakes?

To make the mermaid tails, lightly coat your hands with cornstarch and massage the pink fondant until soft. Lightly dust the silicon mold with cornstarch using one of the brushes. Press a tablespoon-sized portion of fondant into a tail mold. Repeat with all 12 mermaid tail molds.

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How do you swim like a mermaid?

Holding on to the edge of a pool is a good way to start learning to swim like a mermaid. Practice the mermaid kick by moving your hips and core up and down with your legs and feet together while holding on to the pool’s edge.

How much fleece for a no-sew blanket?

You’ll need two 1 to 1 1/4 yard pieces of fleece, a pair of fabric scissors (or a rotary cutter – much easier! ), a cutting board (or some kind of cutting surface), and a ruler or straight-edge.

How do you finish the edges of a fleece blanket?

A fleece blanket can be finished with a simple folded hem, fringe added to the edges and tied into knots, or a braided edge created by weaving fringe loops around the blanket’s edges.

Should I wash fleece before making a blanket?

Step 1: Prepare the Fabric Wash and dry both pieces of fabric (Note: Fleece fabric shrinks when dried; therefore, drying the fabrics before making the blanket is beneficial.)

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