Quick Answer: How To Sew Braided Cording On A Pillow?

How do you sew trim on a pillow?

Sewing the Trim into Place (Part 3 of 3)

  1. Pin the trim to the pillow’s sides.
  2. Gather the trim at the pillow’s corners.
  3. On one hand, sew along the trim’s edges to protect it.
  4. If necessary, repeat the stitch on the opposite side.
  5. Trim the ends of the trim to overlap.

How do you finish decorative cording?

Place half of the threads on the work surface and the cording on top, with the cording’s wrap of thread in the middle of the threads. Place the remaining thread pieces on top of the cording. Wrap the long end of the thread tightly two or three times around the bits and cording. Tie the two ends together with a knot.

How do you sew cording without a lip?

What Is The Best Way To Sew Cording Without A Lip?

  1. Wrap a piece of tape around the cording where you’ll be cutting it.
  2. Cut the cording firmly against the tape strip, wrapping the cut piece in tape at the end.
  3. Apply a thick coat of seam sealant or white craft glue to the cording’s taped end.

How do you attach pom pom trim to pillow?

Place the trim piece on the right side of the pillow top, aligning the trim’s edge with the pillow top’s edge so that the pom poms face the middle of the pillow. Trim in place with pins or clips. Sew the trim in place with a zipper foot and a 1/8” seam allowance.

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