Quick Answer: How To Sew The Neckline On A Crew Shirt?

4 pro ways to sew a t-shirt neckline

Sewing a clean t-shirt neckline is a great place to start when it comes to giving your handmade knit garments a professional finish. There are a lot of different ways to sew a t-shirt neckline, and I’ve compiled a list of them for you below.

Finish a knit neckline with a knit neckband

Because the inside of the circle is shorter than the outside, you’ll need to stretch the neckband to fit inside the larger neckline. If you’re new to sewing with knits, start here for sewing your knit necklines. This method is great for stretching a neckband evenly around a neckband.

Measuring your neckband?

To begin, take a measurement of your neckline.

Prepping to sew the neckband

Sew the short ends of the neckband together and press the neckband in half long ways, using the same seam as your center back.

Matching the quarter marks and sewing

You can either stop here or stitch the neckline down with a narrow zigzag, a twin needle, or a coverstitch after stretching the neckband between the pins to fit into the curve of the t-shirt neckline.

Clean finish binding for knit necklines

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How do you finish a neckline?

FINISHING THE NECKLINE WITH THE FACING It’s a good idea to finish the raw non-neckline edge before joining the neckline facing to prevent fraying. We overlocked the edge, but you could also zigzag it or give it a little hem by pressing the raw edge in to the wrong side by 1/4″ or 6mm and stitching into place.

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How do you sew a bias neckline?

Finish pinning the bias into place and then sew the entire neckline at 1/4u2032u2032. Sew with your stay stitching on the neckline facing up so that you can sew carefully on top of it.

How can I make my deep neck smaller?

Contents Table of Contents

  1. Table of Contents.
  2. Solution 1. Take in at the shoulder seam.
  3. Solution 2. Insert elastic to make the neckline smaller with gathering.
  4. Solution 3. Stitch a stay tape for the neckline.
  5. Solution 4. Add a fabric piece.
  6. Solution 6. Sew in Darts / pleats /tucks.

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