Quick Answer: How To Sew Together Half Square Triangle Nine Patch Block?

Split Nine Patch Block

The Split Nine Patch block, as seen in the 2019 Quilter’s Planner, is demonstrated in this block tutorial.


Using the 3u2033 squares, make (6) 2 1/2u2033 HSTs, then sew Rows A and B together with a 1/4u2033 seam to make a Split Nine Patch Block. Press seams away from the center HST, then toward the darker fabric.

How do you sew half square triangles?

Pair the marked square with a darker square of the same size, right sides together, and secure patches with straight pins. Sew two seams, 1/4″ from the marked center line, and press as-is to set the seams.

What size do you cut half square triangles?

YouTube has more videos.

  1. To make a pieced square of half-square triangles, multiply the side of the square by 7/8 (e.g. finished square = 2, cut size of square is 3 3/8).
  2. Mark and sew. Draw diagonal line on wrong side of lighter square.

How much fabric do I need for a 9 patch quilt?

Fabric Required We purchased 1 1/2 yards of dark fabric and 5/8 yard of light fabric for our nine patch quilt tutorial; most quilters buy a quarter yard or so of extra fabric and stash it if they don’t use it.

How much fabric do I need for a disappearing 9 patch?

Working with yardage If you’re using fat quarters or yardage, cut them into 5u2032u2032 strips first, then cut the strips into 5u2032u2032 squares. You can get (8) 5u2032u2032 squares from one strip of 42u2032u2032 wide fabric, and a total of (12) 5u2032u2032 squares per fat quarter if you’re working with fat quarters.

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How do you square a triangle?

The general polygon can be treated by drawing diagonals, squaring the constituent triangles, and then using the Pythagorean theorem to combine the squares together.

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