Quick Answer: How To Sew Wide Leg Pants To Straight Leg?

How to Quickly and Easily Taper Wide Leg Pants Like A Pro

If you have wide leg culottes or flared hem pants, this is a must-read tutorial. Most straight leg pant hem circumferences fall in the range of 17 to 19.5. Skinny pants have a smaller hem circumference, but for demonstration purposes, skinny pants have a smaller hem circumference.
Step 1: Measure your pant leg size and grade the seams. Step 2: Cut the seam allowance to u00bd”- 5/8″ wide. Step 3: Sew the pants with a general utility sewing thread t. Step 1: Mark the top and bottom points of new seam lines. Step 2: Open old hem so you can finish marking lines and sew new side seams. Step 3: Make a short cut on the pant leg approximately 1 to 1.5 from the new seam markings.

How can I make my wide leg pants smaller?

Mark the cut line with a ruler and washable chalk or wax for Tapered / Straight / Bootcut / Wide Leg Pants. Cut along the marked line and discard the extra length. Repeat for the other pant leg. Turn the pant inside out and cut a piece of double side tape the length of the leg opening.

What body type can wear wide leg pants?

Wide leg pants are great for short legged women like me because flared pants are very leg lengthening when they fit well at the top. To achieve this, tuck your tops in or wear your wide leg pants with a short cropped top.

How do you change flare pants to straight legs?

Instruct your friend to pinch the pant leg’s outer seam between the thigh and knee, where the fabric stops hugging your skin, and secure the excess fabric with straight pins. Continue pinching and pinning all the way down the pant leg.

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How do you change the width of pants legs?

Changing Pants: How to Narrow the Legs

  1. Remove the top stitching and pin the legs of the pants to the desired width.
  2. Then measure the desired width of the hem and draw a straight line with a yard stick.
  3. Do this on both legs of the pants.

Are wide leg pants flattering?

Even so, choosing a pant with extra fabric and size can be intimidating; however, wide-leg pants lengthen legs and accentuate the waistline, creating an incredibly flattering silhouette on all body types.

What shoes go with wide leg pants?

So, here are some of the best shoes to pair with cropped wide-leg pants, both dressy and casual.

  • I’m not going to lie: I love high heels.
  • Backless Loafer Mule.
  • Low-Medium Block Heel.
  • Mules or Slides.
  • Flat Sandals.
  • Sneakers.
  • Booties.

Are wide leg pants slimming?

Are Wide Leg Pants Slimming? You’ll be surprised, but nothing looks slimmer than a pair of well-fitted wide black pants that hit at your waist or higher, giving your waist a much narrower appearance.

How do you change bootleg trousers to straight legs?

2. For a straight leg, measure the width at the knee and mark that width all the way down to the hem.

How do I make my pants bigger in my legs?


  1. If possible, unravel the seam rather than cutting the fabric, then sew the open seams flat on each side of the leg opening.
  2. You can also reshape jeans right out of the washer and air dry them, i.e. straighten them out, then stretch the bottoms to desired shape.
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Can a tailor make pant legs wider?

Can a tailor make the leg wider? A good tailor should be able to increase the diameter of the leg by about half an inch if the trousers were well made.

How do I make my pants bigger in my thighs?

If you’re stretching the thighs of your jeans, for example, hold each side of the pant leg in each hand and pull the sides in opposite directions to widen the pant leg. If you want a bigger waist, unbutton the jeans and place your bent elbows inside the waistband.

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