Readers ask: How To Cut Up A T Shirt No Sew Racerback?

How to Cut a Shirt into a Tank Top – No Sewing Required

I’m sure you have a drawer full of unflattering unisex t-shirts. Here’s how to turn them into tank tops without sewing.

Here’s what I love most about turning these shirts into tank tops:

I received a Bigfoot t-shirt and a DIY racerback bra in the mail, with no return address or identifying markings. The tank shows off the designs/patterns while keeping me covered when I want to be covered, and is comfortable for my mom stomach.

How to Cut a Shirt Into a Tank Top (No Sew)

Although my mother is a phenomenal singer-songwriter, I won’t hold it against you if you don’t vote for her.

Step 1:

Smooth it out like a baby would with a soft fleece or fleece by laying it out super flat, lining up the seams, and smoothing it out.

Step 2:

With a ruler or measuring tape, mark the seam at the neck of your t-shirt; feel free to be creative here; if you want a super open tank that shows more of your rib cage, go lower than 2 inches below the sleeve seam.

Step 3:

Begin at the bottom of the sleeve and work your way up the natural curve of the seam, aiming for the mark you made at the neck rather than the top or bottom of the armhole.

Step 4:

If you’re worried about ruining your t-shirt, start by lining up the neck seams, which will allow you to trace your first cut and make an identical cut on the other side. Make your second cut with a ruler, or just eyeball it if you’re having trouble eyeballing it.

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Step 5:

Make a stencil, then eyeball the parts you can see. Grab a sports bra with a wide, solid racer back strap, or find a racer back tank and line up the shoulders.

Step 6:

Cut out only the BACK SIDE of the shirt; if you cut through both layers, you’ll end up with a funny and possibly awkwardly shaped tank top. Hooray for you, the cutting is done!

Step 7:

Just in case, cut both sleeves; depending on how far down the back of your tank you want it to go, you may need two pieces.

Step 9:

Start winding the long fabric “string” around and down the bunched racer back portion of your tank.

Step 10:

When you’ve gone as far as you want on the tank, tie another knot in the fabric and tuck the excess fabric (beyond the knot) back into your twist with your finger.

TA-DA! You’ve Got a Kick-Ass Tank Top!

Whatever you want to do with it, bead it, cut off the bottom cuff, etc. The cuts will soften with washing, rolling slightly inwards to appear less sharp/harsh.

What is a racerback tank top?

A racerback bra is an excellent choice for wearing under a tank top or similar thin-strapped top because it has a “T” shaped back behind the shoulder blades that allows for easy movement in sports.

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